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  1. if health < 0.2 then gazechange = 0.75 elseif health < 0.4 then gazechange = 0.5 elseif health < 0.6 then gazechange = 0.3 elseif health < 0.2 then gazechange = 0.1 end that last elseif statement is probably meant to be 0.8 instead of 0.2. located in pugalisk_util.lua line 206
  2. the furniture (like the ceiling lights and shelf) takes up space.
  3. Players also have colourtweener component, so you could do inst.components.colourtweener:SetTween({2,2,2,1}, 0.5) to make it nice and smooth.
  4. Will Forge come back sometime in the future?
  5. 17 chests and I got 4 emotes (including chicken dance and flex) and 2 Webber bodies. Didn't get 3 elegants like I did in the beta... sad.
  6. Since the Trade Inn seems to be closed, how will Trade Inn deal with the forge items after the event? (or when it opens)
  7. fist shake emote fits the warrior set better, at least better than most emotes. flex
  8. Things like Boarilla and Venomeer don't make sounds when they taunt/die/etc. Edit: So I found out that its something wrong with my lava_arena.fsb, other people are able to hear the sounds just fine. Validating files didn't work.
  9. No. While I'm not fond of micro-transactions in games that aren't free as is, making them anything other than cosmetic is pretty gross alone. This would also be introducing pay-to-win elements if a certain character behind microtransactions was pretty good or became the "meta". It would split the community more-so than DLC content imo. (also any microtransaction character can be modded in, so it'd be near pointless). ---- I hope we will have the ability to host our own Forge servers (assuming its a seperate shard/ special world) and not do a matchmaking where you can only do forge stuff on Klei servers.
  10. I don't know why I wasn't notified, but no. Right now its Steam only, it will be released outside of steam when the mod is finished.
  11. TMI is broken, find the fixed version on the workshop or don't use it.
  12. Unfortunately, this was a dedicated server crash and I wasn't online when it happened, so I'm not sure on what exactly happened. A terrorbeak seemed to have crashed the server when using GetDistanceSqToInst on a wes player. Multiple people were wearing bone helmets. Log attached.
  13. I don't think you need to check for mastersim in a addprefabpostinit, have you tried without the mastersim check?
  14. Oh wow thats actually pretty awesome! I can't wait to get it legitly. (I've should've dug into the files myself before posting the post above, my bad)
  15. The new armor gives you the shadow sheild effect when hit once(blocks 100% of the damage, but it still hurts durability), after the effect there will be a cooldown before it will block another attack. Whether or not its worth beating the Weaver for, dunno. It might be great for Maxwell users though. Heres a pic of what it looks like:
  16. Ban Destros09 for hatred against the majestic mandrakes
  17. This should give you nightvision once it turns night (or when you enter caves). Is it not working?
  18. It might be that the uiclock can't have any more (or less?) than 16 segments, at least thats what the error message implies. I'm not sure you can get past this sort of error via modding.