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  1. Is there any way you can put these commands into a visual interface? The interface pops up when you hit a button, such as i and you can just click the buttons to use the commands. And you could have the interface pause the game so you could use the commands at your leisure. This would remove the need for keybinds, or you could allow people to choose between the configuration option of visual or set their own keybinds. You could keep the binds for the teleport because that is convenient and I cant think of a way that would work with a visual interface. So to sum it up, make a visual interface and remove the key binds or allow people to set their own key binds. OR if you decide "I have a sh** ton of time on my hands" Make a way to switch between visual and keybinds in the mod configuration menu STILL allowing you to choose your own binds and when you have a power binded to keys the button will disappear in the visual menu.