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  1. Hey now, lets leave the memes to M0nst3r. (But really, "On SecNet, nobody knows you're a cat"?? "It's dangerous to go alone, take this"?! M0nst3r, your name is even in l33t sp34k, how are you a professional, i do not know)
  2. That is amazing art! And yeah, that's definitely sharp in a nutshell.
  3. More art from my roommate! Headcanon: Decker gets the coolest stuff from the weirdest places when he’s plastered.To answer questions, yes, I do have a blog–but given my wariness of forums in general I won’t give it out at this time. (I did reblog that loopearlier; you did such a good job!) Any Invisible Inc art from me will be found in this thread.I feel like Internationalé and Shalem would have more of a hate-snog kind of romance/chemistry, but that’s just me.
  4. Hi, guys! I noticed a couple other people posting their own artwork in threads here, and since my roommate--a casual gamer nursing a newfound obsession with Invisible Inc--is a fantastic artist, I thought I'd let her share her work through me. Feel free to post your own works here as well! Thanks! -Kastor Roommate says: I apologize for the crap quality at 1 AM, but AHH! When I read here: "If I recall, Decker and Pedlar were the bitter old agents that nobody else wanted to work with. Red and Shalem had a fiery Mr and Mrs Smith thing going on. Nika and Banks were the new recruits, and it was implied that they were romantically involved." -Kevin I kind of lost it. Not only has Klei Studios produced some of the best games I've seen, they included LBGT representation in lore. While it's not referenced in game (yet), it makes me so happy to see my favorite bamf ladies in a past/present relationship. I'm LBGT myself and the joy this brings me is indescribable. So yeah, naturally, I had to draw the Ruby/Sapphire Steven Universe sequence. Thank you for taking a look at my scribbles, and massive shout out to Klei and Kevin for being so cool. The coolest. Bless your faces. -Lyra J