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  1. 6 hours ago, Le Rafistoleur said:

    Hmm... You should actually look at the two pictures, it's the same map, the second it's just @WainingWabbits who drew on it, there's no loop layout favored in it. x)

    Well, I'm either going mad or the first picture was edited and swapped after my comment, I'm sure the first image was a multi-branched world with a central connection with lots of rivers breaking up the biomes.

    Either way, I was simply explaining that a looped world feels like it has larger biomes and fewer rivers if the OP is looking for more land to build on.

  2. Your second picture has favoured the "loop" layout, which you can change in your world gen settings before you create a new world. You could change loops to "always" and change branches to "never". My friend and I have been using this type of map recently and each biome feels like it has has much more space. A looped world also feels like it has minimum size requirement when generating the map, so the difference between a small map and and huge map isn't as noticeable when compared to small and huge "branched" map, at least not to me anyway.

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  3. 21 hours ago, ceyhunokr said:

    2 WEEK PAST still NO update on 1700 points. what should i do? @nome

    Try logging into the rewards page using another browser. For me, Chrome did not update the total amount of spools after I clicked on the links You can even click on the links again using another browser to see if the rewards will grant you the free spools correctly.