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  1. Before I slink back into my own hole I just want to say I love your art. I'm new to Don't Starve but it's a really amazing game and I think your artstyle goes well with the concepts in the game. I'd love to see more DS art from you, too! Adsjlkf
  2. To be fair, I'm pretty sure that DST is mostly on steam because of Early Acess. I would honestly be flabberghasted if it turned out that once DST launched out of Beta they had no plans to make a standalone launcher. When DST is made standalone, you should still have it for free (since, like someone said earlier, steam keys and original keys are interchangable). I bought Don't Starve over Steam, but was delighted to find out I could use the keys Steam stored to download and keep a standalone version. Don't Starve Together should get the same treatment... it's just a tad out of order. They aren't ignoring the playerbase that wants to play DRM free completely.. at least I hope not. They are just putting DRM free on hold, I believe. Everybody with Don't Starve by June 2nd will get keys, whether they have steam or not. You just might have to wait a bit to use them....