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  1. "Screen Flashes" is missing in the main strings.pot file.
  2. I'm sorry for necrobumping this topic, but I want to do the same and can't get that function to work, especially with the WET_PREFIX.RABBITHOLE (Collapsed) string. It still shows at a prefix instead of a suffix.
  3. Okay, so I checked a Russian Language Pack's modmain.lua and found a piece of code that seem to change strings sizes. What does this do? When I put in in my modmain.lua and I check the crafting tab, the game crashes. Am I missing something here? I was checking this Russian language pack mod's modmain.lua: There are Russian comments which I can't read (because I don't know Russian and Google's Translator doesn't help) and I don't understand what is making the game crash. modmain.lua There's other piece of code as well that seems to change something about the morgue font size or something. When I use this code, the morgue screen doesn't crash, but I can't go back even though I click "OK". Again, am I missing something here?
  4. Hello, is there any way to modify the interface's text limit (recipes, menu)? I'm making a Spanish language pack mod and the English's texts are shorter than the ones in the translation, therefore they cut. Changing the HUD size in General Settings doesn't help at all. My temporary solution is to sum up the texts or shorten words. What can I do? Can I change the font size or something to make the text smaller? Do I have to modify a .lua file? (I don't know any programming BTW).
  5. Yo estoy trabajando en una modificación para traducir el juego. He contactado con algunos usuarios que se tomaron el tiempo de hacer sus propias versiones de una traducción al español y algunos de ellos han dejado de lado el proyecto, ya sea por falta de interés, otras responsabilidades o incluso falta de tiempo. Si estás interesado en ayudar contáctame a mi Twitter, @TheTioSweet.