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  1. The Player.log file doesn't warn anymore when links in translation files don't match the english ones. Is it expected ?
  2. Also applies to a couple others things which are not or never were available ingame: Space Cadet Centrifuge skill board the old airbone lure the Priority Liquid Flow hydrofan Liquid Overflow Valve Gas Overflow Valve Priority Gas Flow thermo switch hydro switch atmo switch
  3. The airbone lure material color changes based on the pointer position mouse over the 1st one: over the second one: over another one:
  4. In the database, the old steam turbine (STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.STEAMTURBINE.NAME) appears in the power constructions, even on new games
  5. STILL VALID IN AP-404823-D No idea if it should be considered an issue: The DTU tutorial exists in the strings file (STRINGS.MISC.NOTIFICATIONS.DTU.NAME) but isn't in the database tutorial section
  6. Funny, I reported the same issue for the granulator a few days ago it does the exact opposite of what the name suggests
  7. There's also a typo on the last sentence: Priotity → Priority STILL VALID IN AP-404823-D
  8. The new <style="KKeyword"> markup is unreadable on the database articles (yellow font on white background), e.g:
  9. See the screenshot. the string uses <adjective> <noun> when selecting rotten food. Changing the order isn't possible. I tried to find "{0} {1}", "{1} {0}" and even "} {" combo in the strings template file without finding anything that could match food.
  10. The notification size when a Duplicant dies has a curious size compared to other notifications
  11. Confirmed. I reported it a couple days ago but the comment disappeared on my string issues thread.
  12. When expanding the germs menu in sandbox mode, the list isn't populated unless typing something Also note the search bug. Looks like the search bar looks for the untranslated name (there's no 'e' in the 3rd entry)
  13. I hid a couple comments containing issues that were fixed. I guess a dev also masked a couple ones Anyway, new issue: STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.HASDISEASE.TOOLTIP STRINGS.DUPLICANTS.STATUSITEMS.HASDISEASE.NOTIFICATION_TOOLTIP Both strings mention recovery time at a sick bay regardless of the contracted disease. zombie spores for instance require a disease clinic. STILL VALID IN AP-404823-D
  14. even at 21th century, email programs are able to delete the duplicate "Re:" when answering a message "Re: Re:" doesn't sound really nice.
  15. Sadly, no. It requires a font with the glyphs used by bengali. A couple extra fonts are available but only for chinese, japanese, korean, russian and thai.
  16. Guess who forgot to search if bugs mentioning trypophobia already exist?
  17. This is bugging me... The description for tofu is: (STRINGS.ITEMS.FOOD.TOFU.RECIPEDESC) but curdling requires a fat-rich liquid (eg: milk). Fermented beans (I suppose that's the expected word) produces natto, not tofu
  18. At least is still valid in the LaunchUpgrade preview
  19. still valid in the LaunchUpdate preview
  20. Still valid un the LaunchUpdate branch although different, now it mentions it contains 0 kg / 50 kg.. A lot of microchips are required to reach 50 kg
  21. Still valid in the LaunchUpdate preview
  22. Still valid in the launchUpdate preview Duplicate bug: