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  1. All linux players see this ModLoader error, it's harmless. Does the game also hang if you rename/move the prefs file in ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included ?
  2. I tried to reproduce without success. Did you try disabling all your mods?
  4. confirmed. I reported this bug on my 'string issue' bug report in july
  5. A mod user reported that his "supplying" tooltip on the priorities screen was offscreen. See the attached screenshot. Can we have a line wrap for these tooltips?
  6. unrelated, you connected the pump to the lavatory output
  7. Which video is this about? the tutorials? afaics, I'm only getting a black background without sound.
  8. After testing with 2 players and discussing with another modder, the issue is that: Steam downloads the mod update and saves it in userdata/<steam user ID>/ugc/referenced/<some random ID>/ But, the content isn't uncompressed in the player mods/Steam/<mod ID>/ folder Deleting the steam cache doesn't help, unsub/resubscribe to the mod doesn't help, switching to english then back to the mod language doesn't help. The underlying issue is the mod files not being replaced by the updated ones.
  9. The results are catastrophic with the release. (well, once again) Most players I saw streaming ONI were using an older version of the language mod. We also have reports on the mod 'comments' section on Steam. For the next mod updates, I'll add the mod version to the STRINGS.UI.DEVELOPMENTBUILDS.WATERMARK string to be sure the issue our users are facing come from the update mechanism and not from one of the unresolved string issues.
  10. See Your save file and your output log may be useful.
  11. With any mod? I only recall reporting an issue with casing in mods.json but the button worked
  12. aggressiveness is not the appropriate way to ask for help. A constructive bug report for such issue implies attaching the save file or at the very least mention the seed number.
  13. There's a longstanding caching bug that was never addressed. What we used to recommend to our translation users before the mod system: - Check the steam cache - start game, select english, restart, select your language again - uninstall your translation mod, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxx\ugc\referenced\<your mod_id> folder (or move it elsewhere) then restart the game and select your mod again in the translations menu The easiest way remains to unsubscribe / subscribe again on the steam workshop. With the new mod system, maybe deleting the mods/Steam/<your mod_id> folder in your settings folder could help
  14. the translation for both 'spore' and 'orchid' is close in my language (spore + orchidée), that gave a 'sporchidée'
  15. The report is about the string, not about the effect.
  16. The game complains about your settings file. Try renaming C:\Users\JosephFinney\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\kplayerprefs.yaml If that solves the crash, attach the file to this bug report to help devs spot the issue.
  17. The conveyor loader use the "Pipe Blocked" message from STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CONDUITBLOCKED.NAME when materials cannot be delivered Another bug with the conveyor rail, the content is replaced with "genetic ooze". On this screenshot, the conveyor is shipping some food. *FIXED* The string is STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CONVEYOR.NAME
  18. I tried sending a bug report with the ingame tool but it also crashed, bad karma I had to try a couple saves before seeing the crash. The success sounds could be heard while I was on the reporting tool. Backtrace for the crash: Backtrace for the.. erm, crash tool crash