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  1. Hello, I was playing DST fine for a long time until now. It seems I can't connect anymore. I tried everything here: I am not sure what to do now so i will add my client log. client_log.txt
  2. Playing Caves (beta)

    Ok yea i was doing something wrong but I fixed it. When I exit my server and enter again my map doesnt save
  3. Playing Caves (beta)

    Was playing caves fine earlier and now im getting a socket port already in use. Not sure what to do. I spawned a sinkhole but its plugged now. My Settings in DoNotStarveTogether: [shard]shard_enable = trueis_master = truemaster_port = 11200cluster_key = badceltics DSTCave: [shard]shard_enable = trueis_master = falsemaster_ip = = 11200shard_name = cavescluster_key = badcelticsshard_id = 2570321865
  4. Playing Caves (beta)

    @Lumina, Thank you for the info. I seem to have gotten it to work now somehow. I will do some more tests and post if any more issues arise. I am running on windows 8.1.
  5. Playing Caves (beta)

    @Tonio55, I did exactly what you said but it is still saying connection to master failed. Am I supposed to run two dedicated server at the same time? If so, how? Also I have two separate directories for my dedicated server. One called "MyServer" and the other "MyCaveServer". Right now am running DST and my dedicated server but still not working.
  6. Playing Caves (beta)

    Connection to master failed. How do I do this. I must be missing something
  7. Playing Caves (beta)

    I set everything up but now its saying connection to master failed. How do I run both server at the same time?