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  1. It seems that either the pig guards themselves or the number I had for some reason don't awaken the Queen Womant when they attack her. I didn't let them completely finish her, although I think I should have to see if they would. But they hit her for most of her health before I interfered, and all with her still sleeping.
  2. I obtained the Key to the City, and prototyped a Security Contract. Now when I go into the purchased home, the building tab is locked onto the city building and doesn't change back to the house building.
  3. I'm not sure for what reason exactly but the columns are flat unrotating objects that can be placed anywhere rather than where the column belongs
  4. Ive recreated this twice now. With several pig guards I'm attempting to fight the mant queen, but when i enter a room, either myself or a pig is forced onto the outside of the room. This lets me run around on the outside of the room, but I cannot interact with the doors, and as such, am left stuck outside of one room forever. I lost one run like this because i tried to c_gonext() to an object which took me outside the caves making it impossible to return, but this time around spawned goop and c_gonext took me back into the room.
  5. Cave Cleft completely black when I enter it. When I check the map, the room of the cave cleft is in one area, but the objects inside of it are displaced on the map a distance aways.
  6. Neither the farmer nor the guard care that I'm digging their berries up. This doesn't add up.
  7. I have a window placed center left, and I crafted two chests starting from the top left most corner and the second directly beneath it. The light filtering in through the window is what is seemingly preventing me from getting to the chest, because during the night when I had built it I had no problem getting to it.
  8. Shopkeeper replaced purchased item then runs towards one corner and doesnt stop. Id seen someone post this on reddit, not sure if it made it here yet.
  9. So far in my experience with the tar extractors, after a certain point when you return they are still running but "off" and out of fuel. Then you have the option to refuel and return it to the "on" state. The production of tar remains constant, and I'm uncertain but I think it is stacking as well.
  10. Packim Baggims did not transform after eating a full inventory of obsidian. Not sure if this is a new feature and he now has to transform on full moon unlike before, but he ate all 9 slots and fell asleep and remained "wet packim baggims'
  11. Currently on an armored boat with no sail in hurricane season. Don't know which of those details is helpful but trying to add fuel to a buoyant chiminea results in the character pathing towards the island rather than towards the chiminea.
  12. Two issues I've noticed with birds so far is that Parrot pirates have started spawning in the ocean, specifically in the ocean graveyard biomes. Additionally it appears come Hurricane season (and this has happened twice now) all bird sprites fail to load in. So while you may still yet see seeds or the new cormorant eggs spawn, you will not see the bird they came from.
  13. Playing the shipwrecked beta and a couple of interactions I noticed don't happen at the appropriate distances. From what I've noticed so far this includes but is not restricted to: hammering structures, fertilizing coffee plants and harvesting food from a crockpot