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  1. Hello, I built a volcano exploitation plant, dropping the liquid metal (iron) into a puddle of crude oil. However, it seems that sometimes (not sure how to reproduce 100%) the refined metal after solidifying will not exchange any heat with its environment. (despite being submerged in crude oil, on top of a wolframite airlock and diamond tempshift plate. Using debug to move that metal (Alt + Q) won't do anything, even when in cold hydrogen it won't exchange any heat. Reloading the game fixes the issue and the metal starts exchanging heat. This is not a graphical issue though, heat is really not exchanged. Multiple teleports seem to fix the issue as well as reloading, just tried. (in crude oil, no heat exchanges, teleport to hydrogen, still no heat exchanges, teleport back to crude oil and it cooled down) output_log.txt Volcano.sav