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  1. Hello, I'm RobustStarve. DST Early Access(v173098) On Don't Starve Together, I have encountered a bug. This has caused a items error as it has given me all items (when I don't have these items), this error hasn't effected the game much, I also cannot bring these items in game, I have got a few items in my steam inventory but something that's not in my inventory will not show up in game. These are not just clothing items it's also other items like; crocks skins, torch skins, backpack skins, and character skins. I'm almost certain i've pretty much got every item you can find in the community market.. In the photo's below i've displayed three images of three pages in my inventory I have 6 more pages of items, on the 4th photo i've showed you my inventory actual steam inventory which are the clothes I have. ~Thanks for reading