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  1. I don't suppose someone wrote a step by step tutorial possibly? Something that I can look at and apply here.
  2. How does one exactly "do" anims? I don't know the first thing about it.
  3. Hello, I've recently tried to create artwork for my custom character using the sample character template but have stubled across a problem. My character wears a skirt which is unsymmetric by design. The sample character template skirt only takes into account two sides of a skirt, the front and back profile of a skirt. So this means that the side profile of the skirt looks the same as the front part of the skirt, which is something I obviously don't want. Is there any way to fix this issue by codes or other means? My other question was related to changing sample character body sizes. If I want my character to let's say, have a smaller torso than the original size or smaller hands than the original will that cause problems? I have zero conception on what to be careful when doing artwork and if I shouldn't do this and that. Thank you for the read.
  4. Oh it applies to everyone. Yeah, I shall keep it to small then. Thank you for your amazing support
  5. I did set it to SMALL but I feel like I want to keep it to MED. Is there a code for just making the tam give a bit more sanity than usual? So that it is a bit more useful? Something like 8 sanity per minute or something like DAPPERNESS_MED_LARGE? If not I will happily stick to my TUNNING.DAPPERNESS_SMALL. I forgot to thank you for pointing out the time of a ingame day, I wasn't paying attention to it. And thank you for the code (:
  6. Amazing, works like a charm. It's a shame that a tophat and a tam give the same amount of sanity now though but I'm really happy with the code. Thank you so much.
  7. The good news is that the tam doesen't crash the game now but I'm still not getting any sanity from anything.
  8. That doesen't sound good. Still doesen't explain why I don't get any additional sanity at all though. Should I upload my mod?
  9. I still need help with this, don't know what to do. Thanks, cheers.
  10. Paint tool sai is literally the only program besides photoshop and inkscape that I have even heard off so it should be decent for my needs, and hello yourself (:
  11. That is very convenient I have to say. I will give paint tool sai a go then, thank you for your time.
  12. The tail is gone now, I did most of this before except for deleting all of the tex and xml files and also not deleting the anim zip file which I should have done. I don't suppose you would know the most optimal way to start drawing the artwork? I'm no artist so this should be interesting. Oh and thank you.