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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question (and also sorry for notifying anyone following this thread expecting free stuff), but does anyone know why we haven't had a new Twitch drop in weeks? Hasn't it been about a month since the Smite'ning Rod was released?
  2. Another typo (I believe?) is shown here. Status effects on (I'm assuming) creatures refer to the creatures as Duplicants, or at least "Injuries: Minor" appears to. Again, not sure if these belong in this thread, but I'm posting here, anyways.
  3. Hi. Not sure if this belongs in this thread or not, but I noticed while playing a small typo for the "Low Oxygen" status (screenshot linked). The status message says "The air quite thin in this area," but I'm pretty sure that's not correct grammar. Nothing major- just a typo. Hopefully I didn't submit this in the wrong thread, or anything.