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  1. I haven’t encountered any issues on any other games. It’s a brand new Mac I bought it maybe two years ago. This is the only game I really have an issue with. If I could get a refund I would, but I can’t so I’m here begging for some type of fix. I can link to the original post, but I do not have the screenshot any longer. All they told me was that they couldn’t replicate the issue and then I heard nothing. It’s been nearly a year and I’ve not been able to play even 30 minutes of the game.... if I could get a refund I would in a heart beat.
  2. Cannot play the game because purple and green lines are covering the screen. I put the game down for about 9 months hoping it would be fixed after reporting it, and it still hasn’t been fixed. I haven’t been able to play this game at all since purchasing. And honestly I want to at least get an hour of game time with it. Will this ever even be touched on... because the last time I posed this exact same graphical bug it was just ignored.
  3. It’s been nearly a year. Still can’t play the game because it’s still covered in green and purple lines. Hope you guys enjoyed my 25 bucks because that’s the last 25 y’all will see
  4. Okay can somebody actually help me? I've been having this issue since I purchased this damned game a few months ago. I CANT play it. At all. There's these purple and green lines that cover the screen on start up. Completely cover EVERYTHING. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game, updating software on my computer, and praying to **** for this to work. It hasn't. If it can't be fixed can I get some of my money back? I only have an apple computer, as gaming isn't that big of a deal to me. At this point I just want to know if this is even ever going to be fixed at all or am I **** outta luck. I've attached a file of whats happening. ANY HELP will be lovely.