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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I can understand why it might feel like that. We've been playing games together for a while but only recently started making videos. We'll try to be more audience-interactive in future I'm glad they were entertaining though, I know the nub things we do as we learn are going to be cringey for experienced players since we're kinda just winging it, but at the end of the day what we're going for is the fun and making people laugh.
  2. Awesome work! Can't wait for more.
  3. Looks really good! I think you've adapted to the art style of the game really well.
  4. Hey! Steph and I are both completely new to Don't Starve, but we love our survival games so we just had to give it a shot. We wanted to play without looking at guides or wikis and just have an authentic discovery experience to the game, so we will probably do some stuff experienced players will cringe at, or just look plain silly. But that's part of the fun! Here's a link to our Youtube channel. Our videos are edited to keep out as much of the dull/grindy stuff as possible. We mostly make 15-20 minute episodes but since people don't have time to watch random videos that long, we made a couple of short excerpts so people can get an idea of what to expect from our videos. Here are two of them: