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  1. iPhone 6s with iOS 10.2, plenty of space on hard drive. Crashing on day 22, started a new game if that doesn't fix it gonna ask for a refund.... what is it a demo version with only 20 days to play?? :((
  2. Is there a guide anywhere to find on how to beat the stupid goblins? I think the animation or their AI should be changed a little, either have it somewhat similar to werepiggs animation, so the player clearly sees that goblins are going to attack, or change the AI so that they dont gank you in packs. The first game i played was with paladin, and i managed to survive for 80 + days, then i decided to startover, cuz i already lost 2 touchstones and felt like i was doing something wrong. The last playthrough i decided to build my own pig army to fight goblins as it is really hard to fight packs of those bastards, due to the armor values reduced, i still havent figured out how the armor absorption works. Armor + helmet + shield ? everything absorbs a little dmg? So i estabilished my base somewhere in the middle of the map, build 5 bee hives, lots of meat racks and everything ready for the summer/winter, the base was not far from the swamp where i found thousands of spider dens goblin and orc camps.. i took about 16-18 pigs with me which had goblin helmets on them and started stormig the swamp. guess what that didnt work... the only thing that helped a little was deerclop whom i led to ruin everything around.