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  1. Infinite stealing

    I had the same situation. He was awake on day 3 at night and the Steal command was available.
  2. My world is over a year old. It's been there for Halloween 2017. This year I didn't get any decorations spawned, even though they are new items. I think I know why. Can this somehow be hotfixed? Current server log: [00:00:33]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_1")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:33]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_1s in the world. [00:00:34]: Registering master server in EU lobby [00:00:38]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_2")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:38]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_2s in the world. [00:00:43]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_3")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:43]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_3s in the world. [00:00:46]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_4")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:46]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_4s in the world. [00:00:54]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_5")) @(-197.64, -107.59) [00:00:54]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_5s in the world. [00:00:58]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_6")) @(-197.60, -107.62) [00:00:58]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_6s in the world. [00:01:12]: Registering master server in EU lobby [00:01:12]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(print("trinkets: ", TheWorld.components.specialeventsetup.halloweentrinkets) ) @(-196.66, -110.21) [00:01:12]: trinkets: 2018 Historical server log: [00:00:16]: [SpecialEventSetup] Enough Halloween Trinkets founds, no need to add more. Code in question: specialeventsetup.lua, lines 52 and 64: if count > 10 then print ("[SpecialEventSetup] Enough Halloween Trinkets founds, no need to add more.") self.halloweentrinkets = CURRENT_HALLOWEEN break end -- spawn halloween trinkets throughout the world if (not self.halloweentrinkets) or self.halloweentrinkets ~= CURRENT_HALLOWEEN then While I don't really need more trinkets, I'd apreciate this year additions. Thanks, Eldrich
  3. Thanks Klei. That was a great announcement. I'm buing the DLC whenever it gets available.
  4. Overlays cause framerate drop

    In one gaming session my RAM usage grew up to 5.5 GB. After restarting the game it was 1 GB and the game ran normally. As for the FPS drops, I also get them in the overlay view, but when I'm scrolling the map.