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  1. I've logged in today after playing on Saturday and I noticed that my well trained and fed Carrat is no longer in my gym suite. I tried to roll back a few days, but it still wasn't anywhere, even though previously it was there for sure. So I bought a new one, trained it a bit, but it went wild after I had to fight the Hounds, so I rolled back. The Carrat disappeared. It may be related to rolling back, but I'm not sure. I've never lost anything before due to rolling back and I do it sometimes.
  2. I had the same situation. He was awake on day 3 at night and the Steal command was available.
  3. My world is over a year old. It's been there for Halloween 2017. This year I didn't get any decorations spawned, even though they are new items. I think I know why. Can this somehow be hotfixed? Current server log: [00:00:33]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_1")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:33]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_1s in the world. [00:00:34]: Registering master server in EU lobby [00:00:38]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_2")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:38]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_2s in the world. [00:00:43]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_3")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:43]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_3s in the world. [00:00:46]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_4")) @(-200.52, -111.39) [00:00:46]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_4s in the world. [00:00:54]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_5")) @(-197.64, -107.59) [00:00:54]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_5s in the world. [00:00:58]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_countprefabs("HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_6")) @(-197.60, -107.62) [00:00:58]: There are 0 HALLOWEEN_ORNAMENT_6s in the world. [00:01:12]: Registering master server in EU lobby [00:01:12]: [(KU_dAkpulcR) Eldrich] ReceiveRemoteExecute(print("trinkets: ", TheWorld.components.specialeventsetup.halloweentrinkets) ) @(-196.66, -110.21) [00:01:12]: trinkets: 2018 Historical server log: [00:00:16]: [SpecialEventSetup] Enough Halloween Trinkets founds, no need to add more. Code in question: specialeventsetup.lua, lines 52 and 64: if count > 10 then print ("[SpecialEventSetup] Enough Halloween Trinkets founds, no need to add more.") self.halloweentrinkets = CURRENT_HALLOWEEN break end -- spawn halloween trinkets throughout the world if (not self.halloweentrinkets) or self.halloweentrinkets ~= CURRENT_HALLOWEEN then While I don't really need more trinkets, I'd apreciate this year additions. Thanks, Eldrich
  4. Thanks Klei. That was a great announcement. I'm buing the DLC whenever it gets available.
  5. In one gaming session my RAM usage grew up to 5.5 GB. After restarting the game it was 1 GB and the game ran normally. As for the FPS drops, I also get them in the overlay view, but when I'm scrolling the map.
  6. I see. That was just my suspicion after reading people's comments for these mods on Steam Workshop. I have no modding knowledge to even start modifying this and find out what's wrong, but I know for sure that the mod itself worked - it loaded properly, it changed my starting season and starting set piece. If anyone finds a solution - I'd be grateful.
  7. This seems to be broken by DST RoG update. I tried this tutorial yesterday, but it didn't change the default map. Then I downloaded author's mods but it also didn't work.