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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my third char mod. Don't starve classic & ROG = fully tested --Aku-chan v1.0 Stats : - Loves Dark - Tempered hunger - 100 health - 150 sanity - 75 this file contain : - Aku-chan v1.0 credits Art by Zearmy *how to install : simply put Mod to your Mods folder. Have Fun~
  2. Future update will have an choose able outfit for the both of my char, hope it will be less crashed.
  3. which char that you apply for the mod? DS style or Anime style? my char is only compatible with DS or ROG. if you still got the crash try to force load the mod.
  4. thanks, I'll update them later, thank you
  5. ohright,thanks for tested it on DST.
  6. Thanks for using this char yes she does dropped the sanity when it comes to monster, you can recover the sanity just standing close to the flower.Just to make it fair for sanity drop and boost. right, she still using wendy icon for minimap. new version of her still on going with new skin and chooseable outfit. probably I'll change her icon for the minimap. thank you.
  7. She still fully tested with DS classic and ROG. It still has some issues with DST. Thank you
  8. Version 1.1


    Here's my second char mod. Don't starve classic & ROG = fully tested Don't Starve Together = not fully tested ( I would really happy if there someone out there tested this char for DST) --Amy The Pirates Stats : - Love fishing (simply get sanity boost when get the fish) - Picky eater - Ignore wounds (eat cooked food or flowers just heal 1 HP. Except cooked food from the crock pot, but still not heal a large amount of HP) hunger - 150 health - 150 -- Max - 270 (your HP start at 150 and you can max it till 270) sanity - 150 this file contain : - Amy the Pirates credits Art by Zearmy *how to install : simply put one of Amy Mod to your Mods folder. Have Fun~
  9. thank you -love exploring : * increase move speed * gain sanity boost when standing near flower and butterfly * decrease sanity drop when living inside cave
  10. 4256 downloads

    What's new Aida v1.4 - Minor bugs fixed - Aida didn't get sanity boost from evergreen anymore - If your health full (150) eat flower to gain more health point Aida the Wanderer Stats : - Love exploring - Picky eater hunger - 110 health - 150 sanity - 150 this file contain : - Aida DS style - Aida Anime style [Animated] credits Art by Zearmy *how to install : simply put one of Aida Mod to your Mods folder. keep in mind that you should to enable one of them, don't both of them. if you choose the DS style and you want to change it to the Anime style, first you need to delete 'Aida folder' in your mods folder and paste the 'Aida anime style folder' *have fun~