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  1. Hi I've tried to ameliorate the mod "autotrap" to works with caves (goal of this mod : drop automatically the trap, teeth trap,... when you get the animal in the trap, ...) but i'ven't succeed to understand where is the problem. Can you help me? Code is : local TheSim = GLOBAL.TheSim local Vector3 = GLOBAL.Vector3 local SpawnPrefab = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab local function TrapComponentPostInit(self) function self:Harvest(doer) if self.issprung then self.inst:PushEvent("harvesttrap") if self.onharvest then self.onharvest(self.inst) end local timeintrap = self.inst.components.timer and self.inst.components.timer:GetTimeElapsed("foodspoil") if self.lootprefabs and doer.components.inventory then for k,v in ipairs(self.lootprefabs) do local loot = SpawnPrefab(v) if loot then doer.components.inventory:GiveItem(loot, nil, Vector3(TheSim:GetScreenPos(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()))) if loot.components.perishable and timeintrap then loot.components.perishable:LongUpdate(timeintrap) end end end end self:Reset() self.inst:PushEvent("ondropped") -->-- MOD else --<-- MOD if self.inst.components.finiteuses and self.inst.components.finiteuses:GetUses() > 0 then doer.components.inventory:GiveItem(self.inst, nil, Vector3(TheSim:GetScreenPos(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()))) end end end end AddComponentPostInit("trap", TrapComponentPostInit) Regards