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  1. Hello, Harold, ready to set sail?

  2. You still there, Harold?

  3. Hi, my name is Harold

    A few years ago I've read this scarry story. Since that day, whenever someone says my name, that Harold from the story get's in mind and makes me look painful.
  4. Hi, my name is Harold

    It's not like that I'm lonely at home alone.
  5. <3

    1. Harold


      <3? What's smaller than three? Sorry but I'm not into internet slang. Yet. I still have to learn a lot.

    2. Harold


      I know the meaning of "lol" "lmao" "rofl" though! Don't get me wrong! I'm not a noob or how awkward people called nowadays.

  6. Hello Harold

    1. Harold


      Hello, sir, huh? Pre Chewed Tree.

  7. Would it be alright if I ask you to draw Wilson in a fancy suit, reading the newspaper? Like this way:
  8. Hi, my name is Harold

    Thank you. Yes, please. I like coffee but only with sugar.
  9. [MOD] Hero in the Dark

    This mod makes the game a completely different one. Nice work OP. Really nice.
  10. Hi, my name is Harold

    Hello everyone. My name is Harold. I found these forums exciting so far with a lot of interesting people also I hope we'll all get along as well as friends do. I've seen a plenty of introductions in the off topic but I'm not sure I'm posting in the right section. If not please excuse me. I'm new in this community. By the way if you have any questions feel free to ask me. I don't really have anything else to keep myslef entertained.
  11. Combined Status

    What could I say? Always seeing my status ingame is something that I always wanted.
  12. Dusk and Night Music

    I always have missed the music during the night and dusk. Thank you for making this.