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  1. Camping soon. I will apply everything I've learned from DS.

  2. Your stuffed Wilson art is sO cUTe. You're slaying me.
  3. Art block Wes, requested by a few followers. I've never drawn Wes before but I think I like how this turned out.
  4. I use a Intuous Pen, nothing super fancy. In regards to your other question, I love digital art when it comes to coloring, lining, and just being all around cleaner looking and having the options correct mistakes easily. But I'm better with traditional art when it comes to anatomy and blood/gore stuff. I love both in their own way, but I have to say I enjoy digital a bit more.
  5. Also I made this for myself on my birthday on May 20th. Just some cute art. Nothing super special.
  6. The ask blog has been going really well. It's been a lot of fun to do. I thought I would put a comic I made for it up here. It's the first comic I've done digitally ever. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Thank you! That mean a lot coming from you.
  8. Wow your art is good! I love your sense of humor too. Keep it up.
  9. It finally warmed up here so to celebrate I made a "poor naive optimistic fool." link
  10. It's actually going pretty well, so I guess it feels good. I dunno....
  11. I actually made a ask blog for Wilson. Go ahead and ask something if you'd like.
  12. I'm new to this community, but I thought I'd post my art. An insane Wilson. Another bleeding Wilson cause I'm dumb. Tumblr: Deviant Art: