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  1. I disagree. I agree. I STRONGLY Disagree. I disagree. Also as a possible nerf for Woodie, keep him as he is except make Lucy craftable. She would be an infinite axe as intended but if anyone that isn't Woodie uses her, it takes about 30+ chops to fell a large tree? She could still be infinite but only useful in Woodie's hands. You would still need some way to get rid of excess Lucy's so that they don't start taking over the server.. hm
  2. @Wusscake, AHEM Let us review the characters in the game as they are right now and I hope to let you see why there is plenty of reason to play all of them. Wilson is good all around he has no downsides and decent stats. Willow is very good for gathering Nightmare Fuel since she can control her sanity quite well, also the ability to craft cheap long lasting torches for her team is nice too. Wolfgang is quite fun to play around with and his hunger drain rarely makes a difference, Just a strong character, what's not to love? Wendy is slightly harder to defend since Abigail tends to get her ass kicked if fighting more than a few spiders. The lower sanity drain is nice I guess? WX-78 is possible the most Overpowered character in Don't Starve and he just got made so much better in DST. He has no downsides. Rain damages you? Regardless of character you always try to avoid the rain so this doesn't change your playstyle. He can store and eat food for it's maximum time, his stats start of great and only get better! And getting hit by lightning makes him a god. Wickerbottom is also and incredibly strong choice. You are a science machine, she can make spell books to make life easier. Her first downside is she's a picky eater, but usually if you're doing well you have no need to eat spoiled food. So her only downside is that she can't sleep which is negated once you get a Tam O' Shanter. Wigfrid is awesome all around and she's a great help to her team. She has no downsides. Webber is also very strong. He has slightly higher hunger and health which is nice and having lower sanity is a blessing in disguise! He can survive on monster meat which is easily obtained in mass by making your spiders fight and on top of that he grows a beard making winter that much easier. Maxwell can't go insane, his Puppets are useful in chopping trees and mining but useless in a fight. He has low health but that doesn't matter if you don't get hit and you have Night Armour for the moments you do. Woodie starts with Lucy and his beaver form makes him immune to weather effects. Wes is the true MVP of the team. That's all there is to say.I should probably mention that my thoughts on Maxwell & Woodie can change at any time, specifically when they get added into the game.. So to sum this up, All the characters are pretty great it just depends on your taste.
  3. Gears.

    1. NoobModder


      Do you have any wires?

    2. Johnny5isAlive


      They tend to just get stuck in your teeth.

    3. NoobModder


      Oh. I was gonna trade you some gears for wires. :p

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  4. This might actually be intended.. It makes sense that forcing the bird out of the cage and back in would wake it up right? I just feel like if it were intended it would be something new.. Like a RMB to "Rattle the cage" or something. Intended or not I do like being able to wake it up, possibly in a slightly more sadistic way than I should... Proceeds to play "Red light, Green light: Snowbird Edition"
  5. I am a fan of small little features like animals sleeping and I think birds being able to sleep is a nice addition. 10/10 would be ignored by bird again. However if the backlash proves too strong then I would recommend possibly allowing players to feed a sleeping bird but it has a chance to produce something like a rotten egg instead of a fresh egg. And maybe in the case of seeds it could give you a different seed type or just normal seeds instead of plant specific. I'm all for Klei revamping little features like this.
  6. mmmmmmmm ~Gotta love gears~ Anyway I hate when people: Ask where the base is on DAY 1-10. Sit in the base doing nothing.Haven't played Singleplayer.KILL THE DAMN KOALE WE USE FOR POOPJoin in Winter/Summer and scream for help.Scream for help in general.Need help.Leads Deerclops/Bearger INTO THE BASEBuilds things in the base. (ASK FIRST so that you know they aren't planning to put anything there)Burns Living Logs.Builds a Science Machine because "WE NEED IT!!1111!!" When we have an Alchemy Engine.When everyone and their mothers play as Wendy or Wilson.When people host anything except Wilderness as a Public server.​I can go ON AND ON for a very long time. But I'll end on a funny story. I was playing on a PVP server and doing pretty well, it was winter and this noob joined and sat on his arse screaming for help (again pvp) and when eventually he died 10+ times he starts ranting and spawning as Webber, placing his Den, Dying. Rinse and Repeat until the server was crippled with lag (which didn't take long, about 4 days) Funny that one person can destroy a server without having to move from spawn! (Klei plz, I love you but plz... the spiders hurt)