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  1. treeguards. They are one of the things that made love this game. A protector of the woods sounds epic...until you fight him
  2. Almost 2 entire summers i needed in my save with friends to get the blueprint... feels so frustrating atleas make easier to take the recipe, there is no sense of wasting 5 fishing rods and a lot of hours to get it
  3. hamlets bats waves mixed with the deepworms. A good way to get pigskin in solo cave games edit: that makes me ask, Pigs go out of their houses when is daytime and the house its build in a area without ceiling?
  4. i didnt remeber that in RoG does not have treewards In RoG also was common to find a forest full of treewards or spiderqueens
  5. I forget it before but there is a set piece with a skeleton with a miner hat and other tools (less important than the miner hat) and 3 or 4 treeguards arround. Can be seen in both DS and DST here is a screenshot i have found in google
  6. I wish klei add more setpieces, breakes the rutine
  7. when you shave you realise how warm gives a beard, i cant imagine surviving in the extreme summer of dst with a beard as long as my body xD But i like the idea of sanity boost when i long
  8. Actually all the science tab its because of him and his quotes are the best ones to understand the game. The others will die without him But yeah, give him some mad experiments. Not so strong but fun like in the halloween event
  9. Like a Varg or something like bats in hamlet, makes all so chaotic xD
  10. then he will become plasma and die :/
  11. I dont see any ruin rush in that video, only a lot of mods...
  12. Actually, its more difficult killing him with more than one player xD.
  13. I think that wagstaff is the person in winonas trailer. There is a portal and who has knowledge to built it? Also he says something like "im arrive where i wanted" so that fits with having his own portal. But i dont think he meets wilson or know about him, its a big place and a lot of bussiness to do The effects when he is wounded... makes think he is an hologram, if not there is no sense to put that effects and klei is not that kind of people who put things just because
  14. That moment when you realize that you are tired of running and hidding and decide to defend what is yours