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  1. Why do you play as your main?

    any tips with shadow duelist?
  2. i use epic boss hp bar and victorian hud sometimes. I like the "0 info" way of making the game difficult used by the game
  3. the only one i use is making a big wall to fight DF alone, its anoying enough for me without larvae
  4. i dont think that wasting time and money (this is a business) to change few words with all of the puns lost. im thankful with this game for all of the words i had learn
  5. dragonfly and bee queen pointless? i love to do so early dragonfly because of infinity fire pit and gems
  6. i think that butterflies wings are pretty op without being meat Treeguards should have a more dynamic fight (poison trees, for example, have one of my favorites fighting mechanic in this game). Its one of the elders boss in the game, needs a little of love. some ingredients should have more recipes to be used (like bee's stings being used in boat patch, before just decorating the bees areas) More kind mobs in Constant, some places are pretty empty Better world editing. Like if you put more cactis they will grow in dessert, not everywhere. Also i will apreciate more options (like difficult, hp boss options, archipielago from Story mode, etc) I play with friends and alone so i would like some single player drop from antlion. Not strong, just something to make the fight worth it Dragonfly its a little boring to fight... maybe some change in his atacks repertory (low damage fire atacks for example) Insects from hamlet and his repertory of weapons and armors talking about weapons.. more weapons and armors (usesful weapons and armors i mean (f*ck marble suit xD)). I get tired of: Spear firsts days>hambat whan alchemist engine>dark sword when i dont care to low my sanity.. With armor there is less things to choose. Im not talking about better weapons, just another recipes for similar weapons or weapons with different effects (cat o' nine tails are cool mechanic but to be honest i never craft this weapon even when i had fully stacks of the materials required) Edit: I almost forguet, I WANT A PAUSE BUTTOM PLS
  7. decoration stuff so its okey that they are useless. its made to give us company not save our ass xd
  8. OP skills has huge downsides, i think the only thing that "needs" Maxwell its a no useless waste of materials duelist shadow edit: single player Shadows are great btw, maybe change them to be more similar to these shadows
  9. followers can follow goose into the sea. It is a bug? looks weird, they should stand in land
  10. I thought something similar but a couple of times happends to me in medium distance :/
  11. okey,sry Then i want to talk about this (sorry if is consider spam but i didnt found anything related) This happend to me a lot when i fight walrus. I have ~1 ping and it happends with and without lag prediction I cant remember if this happends to with bishop but I think it never happend to me
  12. put your phone or something in space bar to auto-chop/mine/pick up
  13. i get stunlocked many times and doesnt matter how much i spam R-click