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  1. Enough

    Uhh wow, now I'm hurt.
  2. Enough

    No I'm not a pirate, sorry.
  3. Enough

    Why not release it on GOG right now? I don't need them to update the GOG version the second a new version comes out, making sure it is up-to-date once every two weeks would be enough.
  4. Enough

    Yeah ok sure.
  5. Enough

    Yeah okay, let's just have Steam and shut down all the other stores. Is that what you'd like? Idiot.
  6. Enough

    Looks like they have been busy fixing bugs eh?
  7. Enough

    Yeah, I'm totally going to give them money twice. No.
  8. Enough

    Their laziness is not my problem, ****tard.
  9. Enough

    Alright, let me just e-mail them all nice and polite so that they can tell me to follow them on Facebook/Twitter for any future updates. That is, if they decide to reply at all. Such great guys. Didn't think I would be this useful.
  10. Enough

    They can eat **** then, if treating GOG customers like second class citizens is how they want to play it. Fucktards.
  11. Enough

    ARE we getting DS Hamlet on GOG or are we NOT?
  12. Hamlet DRM Key?

    My thoughts on this are that they don't give a **** about DRM-free versions anymore. Hamlet isn't even on GOG. Klei really isn't what they used to be anymore.
  13. [Game Update] - 333702

    No GOG version? Lol ok, screw you.