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  1. With the New Reign developments - especially how Charlie is showing internal/external conflict - I'm happy looking at this mod in the context of the Literal Split Personality trope. Charlie as the Night Monster. Charlie as the master on the Shadow Throne. And Charlie as the innocent victim of Maxwell the Magnificent's hubris.
  2. AmaLee - What a wonderful character! I have a lot of fun playing her. The graphics are top notch, the voice is great, and even the dialogue is well thought out (I hadn't noticed before how short she is in the William Carter puzzles!). With respect to the folks here clamoring for some kind of night vision or darkness immunity, I think that would deviate too much from what the game is supposed to be about. Her dialogue and fear about not letting Them take her back explains the situation just fine. She plays kind of like Wolfgang - scared of the dark; you go wreck monsters when the time is right. Two qualities really define Charlie: 1) once and future Night Monster, and 2) Maxwell's apprentice. Her dialogue does a good job with #2, but the mechanics with her character are all about #1. What can be done to show both sides of her? Rapport with rabbits? Less of a sanity hit for using magic? Craftable silk hair-flower that does. . . something? Really high quality character. Thanks a lot.