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  1. Whoops. Eh my story is still there and I didn't do it for the contest i just wanted some people to see my most absurd death that was about it.
  2. day 15, night, first time playing had basic info, cut down to many trees equals treegaurds, make flower garlands for sanity, crockpot that was about it along with the shadow creatures and a couple of the other monsters, didn't know what shadow hands do and saw one coming for my fire, panicked ran over to the other side of it and realized at the last second what it was doing, stole fire and survived charlie by hiding in fire flies, had no health or sanity and there were shadow monsters around my base, instead of evacuating i decided to fight the crawling horror... didn't even get one hit, you can guess what happened, really sucked because i was in an ok area and had a science machine, crockpot, chest, some food and a fire pit.