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  1. Klei, thank you for adding extra stuff like character birthdays and favorite foods. It's plant baby's birthday so I gave him a gummy cake with a banana.
  2. Alright, if you wanted something nicer, here's an Abby. Now enjoy while I presumably retreat back into my cave until the next big update/short.
  3. Returning from the void for some update fanart! Working on something more...proper, but I had to draw my personal reaction. I am...not a fan of most prior fan interpretations of Jack Carter so I felt very strongly about seeing him in the short.
  4. Everybody's going on about the wormwood skin debacle so I just decided that if he's low priority for the devs I'll draw some of my own
  5. I know this and I understand that graphics are hard work but I can still be sad :'( Is that panettone I spot there? The reason for the season? Thank you, klei.
  6. I can't wait another week to find out if he gets a skin or not, I need festive wormwood in my life RIGHT NOW
  7. tfw you forget the boat repair kit. or life jacket. or lean too far off the side of the surfboard. (real talk I just wanted to play with Wilsons hair because, well, he's got a lot of it)
  8. She ditched them Try as I may to tear myself away from drawing these characters I keep coming back to them. Here are some roleswaps I drew. No particular rhyme or reason for these specific swaps, just assigned every character a number and picked characters/aspects from a random number generator.
  9. At the risk of going off-topic, I'm working on a little project with this gal. Her name is Philia and she's the result of a mad scientist's genetic experiments and the star attraction of a 1920s boardwalk sideshow. Despite all of this, she's pretty well-adjusted.
  10. Dug up some stuff from the summer so it's time to post the saga of Three Survivors One Surfboard
  11. Still having fun with the fishing update. Maxwell's figured out that the best way to do a boring task is to make others do them for you.
  12. I mentioned on the voice headcanons thread that I vocoded some dialogue with WX's in-game "voice" and some people wanted to hear it, so here it is! (sorry, exporting killed the quality) Subtitled because I'm still new to this sort of thing and WX isn't really the best sample for it anyway Side note, I'm surprised Don't Starve doesn't have one of those fan voice acting communities. Is it because those are considered "cringey" now? Anyway cringe culture is a myth, go ride a bike or something. wxvoco.mp4 ...anybody know how to embed from youtube? I'm a dumbins and can't figure it out.