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  1. ik i asked this before, but could someone send me screenshots of artifacts with dupes for scale

    thanks in advance

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    2. MF99K


      when I searched under your name for files I got 0 results so idk if I'm doing it wrong or if the search system is just bugged

    3. watermelen671


      Lol. I went to the ONI DM topic and searched for "Artifacts", because I tend to put the name of files in plain text above the image itself.

      However there are some days where I get lazy and will have to go back and either fix it or repost. :wilson_ecstatic:

      Also @minespatch, I see you there. :wilson_sneaky:

    4. MF99K


      searched that too and didn't get anything

      I think search tools just don't like me

      while i have you here, do you have the assets for the juke box around? not the animation just the files for it?

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