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  1. Not too much to update on cave land with Wigfrid. I've gotten to the end of winter but, I haven't played much this weekend (been playing MK8 dlc ) Something weird is going on with my world and I'm not quite sure why that is or when it started, but my world seems to be behind schedule by about 5 days. I play on the longest season cycles and which is 50 days Autumn/Spring and 40 days Winter/Summer. It's day 93 and is still winter for 2 more days. Winter should have ended and Spring started on day 91. Whatever glitched this may be what made me think things still grow in winter, but it may still have been autumn somehow, because things have not grown back since that one time. Perhaps the seasons don't properly change while underground until the game is reloaded? That'd be crazy. I was a little concerned about my fuel situation for spring because the constant rain will make me need to use much more. but I've discovered that I can get about 90 light bulbs in one trip of gathering. I feed the majority of them to the pigs for poop. On top of that berries will work if light bulb poop isn't enough.
  2. The universe is both. A dot of light in the sky may look like a dot on the right, but zoom in and you may find an entire galaxy which will look more like what's on the left in comparison. The thing is, I've said your numbers look like the left and you said it's the right, but I have no understanding why you think so. To put it bluntly, why did you choose those numbers for building things in DS? They look like random mess to me.
  3. Much like mellojoe's lightning rod then. Got it.
  4. Those numbers seem very random. I already said why 36 - it's square. It can also be triangled if you prefer 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Easy filler. Also helps with getting poop from pigs.
  5. A stack being 40 actually has little bearing on anything, unless you constantly find yourself at 0 a lot. I don't, so having 40 would often put me at a full stack + 1 or some other random, small number. 36 is not only square, but gives me some wiggle room. 25 would probably be better in terms of not having way too many of a given resource. But I'd rather have too much, so I stick with 36. Edit - What The Sober Scot may find even more offensive, if you see my screenshots above, you'll see that I don't even plant them in a square >
  6. Living near pigs is never really threatening because of this unless you come back to your base during full moon where pigs are still loaded outside of their house. As long as you're near by, the pigs will go inside once the sun starts setting and then if they're werepigs during the full moon they're inside their houses so it doesn't matter. I haven't been able to keep track of the moon cycle under the ground yet, but I haven't heard werepig sounds yet. I was never much of a koalefant hunter. And I don't really do anything with beefalo anyways, but maybe collect some poo when I'm passing by. I haven't noticed any delay with my berries, grass, or saplings growning, but I'll have to pay closer attention and get back to you on that one. Yeah, I always burn birchnut trees down or chop them down in winter where the treeguards don't spawn. I think they cap out at 33% chance to spawn where an evergreen treeguard is always 3% I think. Funny enough, my current world has pig king right next to a desert (for hounds) and a marsh (for reeds) and a wormhole just down the street taking me directly to a tallfort set piece. And this is the one world I choose to live in caves xD I may come back to the surface if I get too bored. Yeah, it's a challenge I look forward to though, to be honest. My strategy is going to be keeping any kind of hat + umbrella. I'll take off the umbrella to fight or work and put the umbrella back on any other time. Staying near a fire will help to dry off when I need to.
  7. So this business of living underground intrigued me. So far it seems much easier than living on the surface. I spent About 20 or so days getting things prepared. Also, my only mods are UI mods, so nothing too cheaty except maybe seeing the season clock while underground. Here's what I did: Play as Wigfrid I have enough pig skins for 16 pig houses, which may be overkill. 36 grass tufts, 36 saplings (I like square numbers for these), 20 berry bushes and 4 spider eggs to plant for food. Bunch of pinecones. Bird cage with a bird. Food - Meat + Eggs = meatballs forever. Even have berries to use as a filler if I start falling short of meat production for some reason. Sanity - Spider silk for top hat means I always have a way to dull the sanity loss at worst, and I can kill spiders for fast sanity gain or hug glommer for slow sanity gain. Health - Well, fighting spiders in general is a net health gain, but if it comes down to it, spider glands work well enough. Depth worms are handled by pigs, though they are flaky once the sun goes down. Miner hat and walking cane will come in handy when needing to run from them in the future. And feeding some piggies some meat will help if I anticipate the depth worms coming. Winter cold is beat by the fact that I have my heat source next to everything pretty much. Thermal stone is more than enough to keep me warm if I need to go any distance (so far only need to travel a little for light bulbs). Spring may be interesting when it comes, but pig skins being pretty accessible make umbrellas always easy to make. Summer should be pretty easy too. Even easier once I get enough blue gems to rain down on my head (don't even have to wait for enough winter hounds to drop them lol) to make chester into a ice box. Do things smolder underground? I may have to make some flingomatics if so. My only "mandatory" trip back up is to get mactusk's tusk to make the walking cane now. The biggest threats to this kind of build above ground were the fact that things would easily catch fire from lightning or summer hounds or just be in the AOE of some giant who wants to show up. None of these are a threat anymore and the darkness is easy to overcome. And to think - I used to be too afraid to go underground xD And since this about our bases, I'll post here. It's pretty modest at the moment since I just started it and I'm at about day 45 or so. Also, I doubt it'll get much prettier, as I'm not much for beautification and only care about functionality. Are there any foreseeable problems with this build though? Edit - Wow, stuff still grows in winter O_o Am I just dumb and things are supposed to be easier in the caves?
  8. I'll admit i'm still pretty new to this game, but presumably you're using nitre for endothermic fire. I'm not really sure of the point of endothermic fires when you can use thermal stones and an ice box (or ice box chester) to accomplish the same thing at a lower long term cost. As for meat supply, it seems it'd be easy enough to have some spider dens going. I definitely respect you for living underground for so long, but these other issues you mention seem so small in comparison that i find it a bit amusing. Maybe there's something to it i just don't understand though.