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  1. In Reign of Giants (without compatibility with any newer dlc) part of Wagstaff's body is invisible when he is standing. The part reappears while he is walking or doing other animations, but still disappears while he's standing.
  2. This issue happens no matter which DLC am I playing. When sanity comes to 0, all objects on the edge are visible without glasses.
  3. When trying to craft a Telebrella in base DS (possible only with creative mode cheat since Electrical Doodad is uncraftable), the game crashes. The crash screen is attached here:
  4. When Wagstaff's sanity drops very low, the edges of screen become clear even when he's not wearing any glasses.
  5. When taking off Infroggles in base DS, the day phase gets reset. E.g. when you take them off during the day phase, the time will be set back to the beginning of the day, when you take them off during dusk, the time will be set back to the beginning of dusk, etc.
  6. When trying to craft an Electrical Doodad in base DS by Wagstaff, the character says "I can't do that". Materials are consumed but no doodad pops up in inventory. Also when trying to spawn it with c_spawn("transistor") command, the game responds that it can't find prefab like this.