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  1. Yes! ... Ah, it's hard to tell, huh? I guess I didn't do a good job on her hat -- I'm trying though! Ah, hello Miss! It's so good to see you! What brings you out here today? I typically don't go to DeviantArt by default ( it's on a hiatus ), but I'm largely more active on Tumblr, as far as timely goes. Nobody has asked, but it's been a great experience being on the Klei forums. It's very kind of you to stop by, Miss! It means a lot, especially coming from a great comic artist like you. ( I could ramble endlessly just how much I'm in love with your breathtaking comics, but ... perhaps that will be for another time, hehe. qx ) Lastly, since you seem familiar with the style, and excuse me for the long response, the style I used is, indeed, not entirely my own. I give credit to another greater artist. Forgive me for being vague, but perhaps you're also fond of the ... great Unknown's work? See ya
  2. Some extra sketches because ... why not! I haven't shown my style of kid!Willow in the Klei forums, but the comic holds relevance due to Abigail and Wendy being in it. I'll be playing around with her design more in the future. Her friendship with Wendy, however, is ... a bit passive-aggressive. Thank you for the compliments, everyone! It's great having you stop by.
  3. A-Ah. 8D; Err ... Woodie with ginormous, stereotypically Canadian butterfly wings? I love it. "Woodie: Rebirth" CANON NOW
  4. Aaahh, thank you miss! It means a lot coming from a great comic artist like you; your DS comics are enjoyable reading -- you have great potential for being a mangaka! Looking forward to your updates ;3 It took me around 3 weeks or so to finish 6 pages. Haha, the inspiration probably just left me paralyzed in shock and awe qx Also, thank you for the warm welcome, sir! This is a strange way of me to join the forums, eh?
  5. O-Oh! Thank you for reading, sir! I'm not sure why you did that, but thank you for stopping by and taking a look! It's great having you around; means a lot coming from you guys. I was able to finish a comic for once! Usually I'm not so lucky when it comes to finishing what I started, haha. This took me around 3 weeks, even when I had a free ticket from doing ... backgrounds! <xD;; Please forgive me for sinfully abusing your grass textures in this comic! Thanks, man ~
  6. An afterword: brief backstory and credits One day I took a step into my backyard on a fresh summer morning. A lovely white butterfly floating in the breeze caught the glimpse of my eye. “Hello, little butterfly.” I greeted with a yawn. It returned the favor by nearly flying straight into my mouth. And then inspiration hit! “Rebirth” is a short, abstract comic that was originally inspired off of my character design for Abigail, Wendy’s twin sister. Thank you Benjaminhornigold for your help when my editor was absent, to Velo for being my editor, and to everyone else who put up with my constant stream spam [on Tumblr]. ( I greatly apologize for that! ) There will be a few more updates regarding the comic soon. Thank you for stopping by to read. Wendy and Abigail are characters of Klei Entertainment ©.