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  1. Since you read "The Complete Webber Saga", I thought I'd let you know it's sequel, "The Complete WX-78 Saga" is out now.

    1. TheTraditionalGentleman


      Okay. I'll have to give it a look :D   Personally, I think my favorite part of the Webber one was when Wigfrid used the moggles and sleep darts to knock out Wendy. That was hilarious and pretty awesome at the same time


  2. "The Complete Webber Saga" is out now!

  3. Remasted editions of all the sagas coming soon-ish! They'll be the entire saga rolled into one post.

  4. The sequel to "Chaos" came out later than I would have liked. The sequel is in the works now, hopfully no more late releases. 

  5. The sequel to "Chaos" will be out Saturday at the latest. I've got a  big plan for my upcoming 25th story. 

  6. The "Choices" saga is in the works. It will be the longest one yet.

  7. The Wickerbottom saga concludes with "Thief" although I don't think Wickerbottom and WX-78's rivalry in over quite yet... 

  8. I'm proud to announce I now have the biggest collection of stories on the forum. 

  9. Thanks for the follow! I appriciate it. 

    1. Kaiborg101


      NP! Love your stories! they're really well written! And that is saying something from me I'm a bit of a book/story fanatic, once read around 130 books in about 2 weeks.

  10. You posted on a topic over three years old. Please check the date next time.
  11. The sequel to "Rouge" is out. You can read it here

  12. Rouge is finally out later than expected due to my internet being weird. 

  13. As of this post, I have 17 stories. Plus "Rouge" is being written. 

    1. MiniKeeper


      Hopefully "Rouge" will be out tomorrow!

  14. Thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. 

  15. King's Gambit is in the works!