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  1. deactivating account by replacing password with a random string of letters and numbers. see you.

  2. @Ultroman "welcome to baldi's basics in survival and hunger, that's me!!" XD you nailed it! i have a very interesting perk planned for his sanity, too~ and i will definitely keep that in mind lol! thank you again for all of your help!! you're truly wonderful~! <3
  3. @Ultroman thank you!! <3 it hasn't scared me away at all actually! if anything i'm just super excited to keep modding and learning new things~ ^^ after this character of myself, i'm hoping to do an entirely different, more simple character in the far future. you may not know the character as he's at a weird middle-ground of the internet - underrated, but also pretty big at the same time. let's just say he's a bald teacher in green and i definitely plan on giving him a ruler weapon with the damage of a ham bat, if not stronger.... //winkwink you'll probably see me in the forums again for that one! thankfully i already know a tutorial for the weapon!
  4. @Ultroman i had a feeling i just had to add GLOBAL! added it to SpawnPrefab - got another crash - and then added it to AwardPlayerAchievement. it's working perfectly!! <3 thank you for being such a huge support!! you're so very kind! ;w;
  5. @Ultroman awww that's so sweet of you!! <3<3 i'm sure i'll find my way, i just know it!! seems like you called it with the testing lol! got an error on planting, idk how much i'd have to copy-paste so i'm sending over the client_log. i'm sending over modmain as well, just to be sure it's nothing that's conflicting with the other codes! i wouldn't think so since the former non-character-specific one worked just fine, but just being safe!! client_log.txt modmain.lua
  6. @Ultroman i wish i could give you the biggest bearhug ever. oh my god, i think you made me the happiest i've been in a LONG time, IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY!! and i totally don't mind it applying to the server overall, nor the other downfall!! thank you so so so so SO much for all of your help with my mod!! i greatly appreciate how in-depth you go with all of this and telling me everything you've done and why, and hopefully i'll be able to wrap my head around all of it someday!! i will definitely be saving all of these for reference so i don't lose anything you've provided. i greatly very much appreciate every single ounce of effort you've put into this with me, and i surely hope you've learned a thing or two along with me!! you're getting a HUGE special thanks in my mod's description when it's uploaded, you can surely count on that!! <3 UPDATE: AAAA YOU GOT IT WORKING JUST FOR THE CHARACTER TOO?? YOU ARE AN ANGEL <3
  7. @Ultroman OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ;A; it works perfectly!! i greatly appreciate how you teach me these things too!!! i was just about to say how it wasn't working unfortunately, but then i saw your reply and gave it a whirl before posting!! oh my gosh, with everything you've helped me with, i think i just about have all the perks finished that i really want for my character!!! there's just one more... is there a way to increase the chance of roses being planted upon planting butterflies? i've looked around in flower.lua and tried messing with ROSE_CHANCE but what i cooked up didn't work. D: any ideas here on this one?
  8. hope it wasn't a burden to ask followup questions in my previous reply! i really do greatly appreciate all the help i've been given! <3
  9. @Ultroman i'm also paying you back with a big special thanks in the mod's description when i upload this to the workshop!! that won't be for a long while for personal reasons, but i'm sure you'll see it someday! <3
  10. @Ultroman OH MY GOD IT'S WORKING thank you SO SO SO MUCH!! i get it!! thank you so much for the lesson too! ah gosh you're such a huge help!! <3 //hugs
  11. thank you both @Ultroman and @CarlZalph SOOO much!! they both work flawlessly!!! i have two follow-up questions while we're working on flowers!! 1. specifically to you @CarlZalph - let's say i want that sanity boost applying to other items that actually do have petals as loot, and not just flowers. for example, there's a very nice cherry blossom forest mod i love that has items such as these. how would i go about doing that? should i modify a part of your code to this? 2. is there a way i can manipulate either of these codes to remove the damage done by roses? this doesn't have to apply to the thorn tag overall. i would actually prefer it not to, as i'd still like the damage done by cacti, but i understand if that's not possible. at best, just roses in particular. i'm thinking it could be something like: but, i feel like this is too straight-forward to actually work? i feel roses are probably coded differently than generic flowers but idk for sure. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE YOU'RE A HUGE HELP AND DEFINITELY GETTING A SPECIAL THANKS <3 <3
  12. @Ultroman alright, i did just that! however i'm encountering a new error - client_log attached! this error is happening when i hit "cook" on the crockpot. thank you SO much for having so much patience with this and being such a huge help ;w; i wouldn't be this far without you! client_log - Copy (3).txt
  13. @Ultroman it's not crashing anymore! though i'm still not noticing a difference? that's odd.