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  1. Cheers for the help pal. hopefully i can get this working
  2. This probably has been asked 1000% times but i figured id ask anyway. I was wondering if someone could help me with an in depth walk through on how to set up the server as all the guides i have looked out leave out folders that need to be created or places that stuff should be saved. I so far have downloaded the steam dedicated server and have created a Custer_1 folder with cluster.ini and cluster_token.txt files in it and a master folder in that with server.ini folder with the text i have read needed to be in those. At the moment i am getting the invalid cluster token message when running the server file and i have tried the 2 methods of getting a token. One through the console and one through the accounts button from the don't starve together main page. i have tried both of these tokens in the cluster.txt file but neither of them work. I have the feeling i'm doing this all wrong
  3. Don't Starve Comics

    Ur art is soooo amazing I wish I could draw the don't starve characters XD