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  1. Not necessarilly custom mods per se, but I am using a fair few mods that allow the modpack creator to add their own stuff, like I am using crafttweaker to edit recipes and the modpack has modular machinery which allows me to make my own machines. Apart from that though it's a modpack, which of course means it's a bunch of mods put together. Currently the modpack is private, but once it's done I will release it to curseforge where mod creators will be credited and all that.
  2. yeah they made the OG versions of the skins timeless in order to please the people who had originally gotten them during the time they were originally available, while the new loyal variants are for those who just want to have the skin.
  3. It's a pretty heavy modpack, Just look at the mod count in the lower left of the image, granted half of them are library mods but still, my mod pack is a heavy one and a lower end PC would have problems with it. One of the first mods that the player will be intoduced to in the mod pack however is Reskillable, as many other mods and whatnot in the pack will be effectively locked behind getting certain skills to certain thresholds.
  4. A kitchen sink with a twist effectively.
  5. I mainly made this thread out of curiosity, but also because I've been working on my own modpack, heres a title screenie for anyone curious.
  6. Wilson is still in my modpack, he never found base, having instead chosen to become a merchant and began running his own little shop. Even after taking up the merchant's trade, the legend of base has not left his mind. He still wonders where base is to this day.
  7. Just curious, anyone here into minecraft mods? I've been working on a 1.12.2 modpack myself, also having played a few modpacks on curseforge like Sevtech: Ages and All The Mods 3 Remix. I know some people here play minecraft, with @ADM having talked about a vanilla minecraft server for some of the forumites to play on. Personally I've given up on vanilla minecraft, but minecraft modding has always been something I've found fun, and have been curious if anyone else here is into that stuff.
  8. As of late now, I've been doing dev work for my modpack I'm working on. Very recently decided to work on the title screen, it's not nearly as good as the big modpacks on curseforge, but I like how it turned out. This modpack is currently private, but I'm hoping to make it a public pack in the future.
  9. Uh, so Wilson just found his way into my minecraft modpack. Someone please help this man find base, he's interrupting my modpack dev work!
  10. I guess I'm one of the few people who actually likes the insanity ambience. Regardless, I wouldn't be against a toggle option for those who can't stand it.
  11. Thank you for this, hopefully this makes everyone happy now.
  12. I won't lie, I've been burnt out on DST since about a week before the reap what you sow update, so I've ended up taking a break and decided to work on my minecraft modpack in the meantime. Sometimes even after having played the same game in multiple different ways, burnout is inevitable, I think sometimes the best thing is to do is to take a break and come back later, wait for the flame to re-kindle. If you've dumped a few thousand hours into DST, it should come to no suprise that burnout happens.
  13. Not enough W, so no. If Charlie was part of the survivor gang, then who would attack you in the darkness?
  14. I do feel like everyone should be able to get all the skins. But I also feel like there should be some kind of value to skins originally obtained during the time frame they were originally available, klei already did it with the tragic torch, the original is timeless, but anyone can get the loyal variant. Why not have the originals be timeless? I feell it wouldn't hurt anything.
  15. I won't lie, I thought the same thing when I first saw it >.<
  16. Darned Willow mains in my minecraft.
  17. My thoughts exactly pretty much, as long as Klei's games stay the way they are for the most part and Tencent doesn't pull any huge BS, I doubt it'll stop me from playing DST on and off like I do with alot of games I play.
  18. I feel klei is on thin ice with this. Please stay vigilant klei. If DST ends up going the same fate as fortnite(spyware) then I'm out.
  19. As of late I've been playing alot of minecraft, specifically a modpack called "All the mods 3 remix" on a server with a group I'm part of. Been doing alot of Advanced Rocketry, and yesterday I just managed to make a spaceship and started going to other planets. By the way, the planet render looks really nice in the mod. Heres some pics of the planets from orbit that I have gone to.
  20. Family had christmas a day early. Got two plushies this year, the yearly one from my mom, but also one from my brother. Mom got me breath of the wild Link. but my brother got me the other spider plush to go with the depth dweller one I bought last month. and now I have both spider nets! have a happy christmas yall! Or whatever holiday yall celebrate this time of year.
  21. Ever had a host so laggy that fish fly? It landed half way across the oasis base.
  22. The plush I ordered came in today! Glommer buddy has a new friend! (Pardon the messy countertop.) and of course I got a new skin too!
  23. Moqueca has always been my favorite in terms of looks. Bone Boullion, Monster Tartare and all the barnacle recipes come in pretty close behind though!