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  1. You even fixed the recurring function for the different damages for each enemy, no words...
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I gave up on this mod but saw you posted a fix and I've just tried it with my mate and it WORKS! Thank you so much @DarkXero ! I tried doing what you recommended @Kzisor but I couldn't do it! Wow thanks so much for all the help you've given me throughout this project, can't believe it works!
  3. @Foxrai this mod was made using a character template specifically for Don't starve together so it's a coding issue I think. @DarkXero Yeah I don't code so good, I'm doing a programming course at university, and last year for the coursework everyone else had nice neat code with classes and I had one main block of code with thousands of lines So, I have to put all 'component' related stuff from the character prefab and modmain into the weapon prefab? Just copy all that over after the 'World' thing? Any code with the word 'component' in it right?
  4. So I've pretty much completed my mod, it runs single player fine, I've given a friend the mod file and they've put it in their mod folder and the game runs fine for them when I host a server and us two play together. Then when I put my custom weapon 'chainsword' in the player inventory, the game crashes, there's apparently an error in line 265 of the modmain.lua, regarding my custom weapon. Everything else works fine but there's a problem with loading the weapon. The weapon loads when I play alone. Please help! wrexcharactermod.zip
  5. Is there a way to get that to only increase sanity and not health? Character is way too OP now, haha.
  6. Hahaha I'm genuinely hopeless!Thanks so much, works perfectly now!
  7. I've commented out that line but it doesn't load up the game now, can you take a look?wrex.zip
  8. Thanks, just tried it but the game crashes when I'm killing stuff, any ideas?
  9. I'm struggling on making the player get a sanity boost during the day, and when he kills any monsters or creatures, please help, been stuck for hours and tried putting in code from other topics but just doesn't work. Also, I literally have no idea what I'm doing with the code so if you could specify exactly where to put the code, that would be super, thanks!
  10. Is there a way to stop the player from gaining sanity from picking up flowers? The only way my character is supposed to regain sanity is by killing, so I've made him an insomniac but the flowers are a problem. Also, I have no idea on how to stop losing sanity from eating raw meat, as he should be allowed to eat raw meat without a problem, is there a way to do this too? Thanks, and sorry for the noobness.
  11. Hey just wondering, I have a weapon that does different damage to different enemies: local function ApplyExtraDamage(weapon, attacker, target) if target.prefab == "pigman" then target.components.health:DoDelta(-70) endend AddPrefabPostInit("chainsword", function(inst) inst.components.weapon:SetOnAttack(ApplyExtraDamage) end) If my character has a damage multiplier, of 1.25, will that be applied to the '70' damage that the pigman takes? For a total of 87.5 damage? Or does the code set the damage as 70?