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  1. Pardon the bad phone pictures /bleh/ Hoho got back into DS and been having fun doodling some silly boys. I forgot how fun Maxwell is to draw. He has a fun face shape that makes him so unique >:3
  2. Lost the file, but have a headshot of Camille!
  3. I got super invested into these three (Abe, Marie, Camille) I love them so much <3
  4. When Klei hires a position you can do but ya got no experience /weeps/

  5. The pose are similar, but no it was not a direct reference to it. Kind of cool though cause I love this game. But the big guy looking down the tough small guy is a pretty overly used pose that I guess could relate to anything (?)
  6. Been a bit since I've played DS since I've been too busy with work and school, but I'm quite excited for this new update. This ended up looking more like a band cover than I expected. Hmm.
  7. Updating my custom Wilson's blog... I like this new portrait much better. Very much so.
  8. Been a while since I posted any art on here! Been busy busy~ Was thinking of some giants Charlie would make for her new world. (I haven't had time to play New Reign yet. Heard cute things about it tho!)
  9. Was at the art jam yesterday but I was on mobile since I was visiting a friend at work. Attempted the challenge with Tony and Alex and I see I need more practice with my animals. Also the Pokemon GO/Don't Starve cross overs are adorable to me.
  10. It was a mod Halfrose had made for me for the purpose of RP. It's my Alternate Universe version of Wilson nicknamed King. The different phases don't actually happen ingame, these are just the phases I have him in story tellingwise.
  11. I try not to have my commission pieces very high at all. If you are interested I have them posted on my DS tumblr blog. I do more than just DS related works though if you're interested in something else.
  12. Colour practice and because I've been wanting to draw something from SW.
  13. Was playing SW and thought over how my AU Wilson gets affected by sanity and turns into shadow Wilson the more it decrease so I decided to draw the stages that float in my head.
  14. Debated whether to put this here. Not Don't Starve related but sometimes I like to open up paint and see what ends up as a result of it.
  15. Title card I drew up of my AU Wilson I draw and RP with... Tried to make it look pretty official and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.