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  1. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi Diego, I don't believe the tools are available to provide ps4\xbox hosting, if such tools do exist, we would be happy to start offering hosting for that.
  2. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    New Dedicated Game Hosting Location now Available: USA,California Los Angeles - Rent your California server today! #gameservers #lahosting
  3. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    We are proud to announce that we are now offering a new Game Server Hosting Location. In Sydney, Australia! Order your Sydney, Australia hosted Dedicated Game Server Today.
  4. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi Mencken, can you PM this account with your ticket number and we will investigate this issue further, typically our response times are very fast, no reply within 3 days is not acceptable by any means and we will investigate if that is the case as to why there was delay in response to you. We will typically link servers together for you, free of charge or there is a guide we provide which is detailed although if you are using a new reign beta, isn't updated yet to suggest how to get it to work with that
  5. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    HI Quench, Slots = max players allowed online e.g. 12 slots = 12 max players online at once. You can run console commands when in-game with our servers, that's no problem at all. We have a huge database of guides showing you how to mod\manage\configure your server with ease
  6. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hello Justacpa, i would like to provide some clarity on this, We have no liability if a client creates two paypal subscriptions, this is an action done by the client, we cannot setup a subscription nor charge any paypal account without a subscription in place and they are static (We cannot change\influence a subscription), the paypal screen clearly tells you about what a paypal subscription is, what it is for and that you will be auto-charged via the paypal subscription and it will automatically make payment each month when you accept it, to have a duplicate subscription. To have two subscriptions with Paypal, You would need to effectively pay the inital invoice which requires you agree to and create a subscription with paypal. Then next month, pay the invoice manually and accept this a second time by paying another invoice. We state clearly in all our invoices that if a paypal subscription is in-place that it will be auto-paid by the subscription. It's similar to how Static\Fixed rate (Not Variable) Direct Debits work, only you can agree to it\set this up and the amount is always the same. I hope this provides clarity regarding this. Assuming you are refering to the caves discount, the 15% off works only on secondary servers, your 1st server must exist and be setup first. It's a discount provided to "Caves"\Secondary DST servers only.
  7. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi @LokiGrants, With the holiday period e.g. in your case new years, our billing department was closed and as such have been working hard to clear the backlog generated over the holiday period, you likely already have a reply. Duplicate payments can only happen via paypal, this can only be done by you as we have no control over paypal, other than to prompt the subscription on inital payment. With all paypal payments a subscription is made, so there is no need to manually make payment as paypal will auto-bill you. This is most likely what has happened in your case, as If you do make a manual payment, it will create a duplicate subscription which in-turn, will, like the first one, automatically bill you, it does clearly state this when you agree to the subscription initally and that it will bill you. Please open a ticket with our billing department and our team will be happy to help in assisting you
  8. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi @MrKoopa Simply purchase the two servers and put in a support ticket Stating you would like them linked and one of our team will link them together for you, alternatively we have a guide showing you how to do this yourself, either way, both servers can be linked easily. Caves servers are not publically listed in DST as they are a slave\shard of the main server, so the server name typically will not matter for the caves server, however if you want us to know which is why, you can type in a a name e.g. caves in the server name box. You can purchase an additional server\caves server at any time and have both servers linked, you don't need to purchase both straight away, no data loss will occur by doing so. If you select monthly, then you will be billed monthly, the service will continue unless you submit a cancellation request, cancellation is only one click and there are no cancellation fees. So if you only want the server for once month, simply submit a cancellation request for end of billing period on your order. If you want to keep using the server, then nothing is required, an invoice will be generated on your next billing date and service will continue. Please let us know if you have any further queries, we would be happy to help
  9. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi Kuldiin, slots should match as DST will enforce both servers to be the same slots, location should also be the same
  10. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hi there, you can run your DST with one server, but if you want Caves to be accessible without using a caves on surface mod, you will require two servers, we are happy to link these two servers together for you free of charge, we also offer a 15% discount off your secondary Caves server. Use code: DSTC15OFF at checkout
  11. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    XMAS SALE @ thru to Dec 31! 15% OFF ALL Game Servers Code "XMAS16" on Citadel Servers… … *** RETWEET this on Twitter to WIN 1 of 15 $20 STEAM Gift Cards!
  12. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    Citadel Servers proudly presents, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2016 sale! 10% off all servers with the code BFCM10 This code works for all games, billing cycles, and every new purchase. Click here to Order Your Server
  13. Citadel Servers Dedicated Server Hosting

    August\September Special Offer We have a special Promotional Offer this August\September Order a 15 Slot Don't Starve Together Server with and get A free Caves Server for DST Caves! Order your Don't Starve Together Server today.