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  1. I should practice on getting the style down in terms of don't starve themed. >:0
    ..Then again looking through Mr. Agala's tumblr makes me wish I had a Tim Burton-esc influence to really complete the feeling. :0

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    2. artistcrab


      i do say i would buy that if i had the money X3

    3. minespatch


      I'd rather you just make your own and learn from the art you need to print out. The book is kind of cheaply made and I highly need it for all my work. It's also "incomplete" and with fanart of users. Even has references of your queen character.

    4. Pimster


      It'd be neat if Mr. Agala gave out like, hardcopy books of the production of DS, I'd love to see concept work mashed together in a book :D

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