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  1. Apparently my game kept trying to play the last beta Even though I uninstalled the game completely and redownloaded it... twice! Steam was just messed up and still sending me files from when the Beta was active
  2. Ok i finally figured out the issue. It's fixed
  3. I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. However it still seems broken... I got another thingamabob icon as my daily -.- and no twitch drops. I don't know what to do.
  4. I have steam set to always update the game... I don't know how that happened then
  5. I only have the one twitch and steam account though... I never got the Webber beards either. I think it all began when DST gave me this "Item" as a daily log in bonus... since then nothing has registered, at least I think so...
  6. I've gotten my account linked, I've gotten the drops in the past (expect for the last drop due to this issue) and I've followed the past issue solvers of un-linking and re-linking ones account but some how my drops are not adding whenever I watch Twitch steams. I know the people I watch are enabling drops because, like I said before, I've gotten the drops in the past... Help?!?