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  1. Having a similar issue. It's hard to notice because catching birds isn't really a focus until sometime just before or during the humid season; it's at this point I'd like to unlock magic. I traveled to a number of different biomes in humid and lush seasons, and no birds are spawning at all. This is all well after entering/leaving the pig village a few times during the first few days.
  2. Dupes ignore exosuit checkpoint after putting on clothing

    I had another issue involving a checkpoint and clothing. I have a disabled checkpoint so I could allow dupes past it to complete the airlock I was building. However, when passing back through the checkpoint, they dropped their equipped clothing. Not sure if related or another bug worth reporting.
  3. Bottles of gas left behind after deconstruct

    @Risu hah, I never even noticed the empty button... derp. Thanks!
  4. Thimble Reed Harvest - no seed drop.

    I noticed the same issue and was thinking along the lines of the OP. Thanks for the info here—hopefully they pick this up and update the UI to remove that text if that's the proper intention (uprooting produces seed, but harvest doesn't).
  5. Invalid Construction Location (but not really)

    I had the same exact issue with both of these objects. Good stuff Was looking fwd to the heavy watt tile
  6. I have a dupe named Ruby that contracted food poisoning. Even though he no longer has it and has regained some (~35%) immunity, he continues to vomit on a regular basis. I didn't get the exact count, but I think it's been 4+ cycles since being cured of food poisoning where he continues to vomit. His stress response is binge eating and he only has 1% stress. I'm not sure what could be causing the vomiting other than a bug. The output log file is attached. I wasn't able to upload the save file, so please let me know if you need it.