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  1. When it was raining, I had no protection as Wickerbottom, but the wetness indicator was rising super slow despite the arrow being at maximum size. After the rain was over, I was only at 2 wetness without rainprotection, so that's definitely bugged.
  2. I think the discussion is derailing a bit from the main topic. The question is if Klei should provide us additional tools/changes to stop the complaints or if they have done enough. It would make a good discussion if you provide examples if you think they should do more. We had some good suggestions here with locked chests and some people wanting characters balanced around griefing potential. On the Reddit forums for example people agreed on a changing Wickerbottom's Tentacle book because it was used for spawnkilling on their Reddit server, which I think is not a good idea, because people will just use other means to be destructive and people will still complain about it. Locked chests are nice, I want them, but we will still have daily complaints about griefing. I don't think any of those ideas will even decrease the amount of griefing, all it does is decrease the ways of griefing which will be always plentiful. I don't think that making a character change like nerfing Wickerbottoms tentacles or the Willow change will make any griefers stop. All it does is make a big part of the community angry and potentially even increase the amount of griefing. I think developer based solutions will just lead us into another loophole, it's a never ending cycle what people abuse and there will be always a thing that people will complain about. I don't even think the hammering restriction idea will change anything. So what needs to improve are the amount of 'friendly groups' that are out there. I think the situation will improve a significant amount when RoG is out. Not only more people will be passionate about building communities, but people will be less bored with the game and there will be less griefing, especially when more PvP game modes are out there. From there we need specific wishes and complaints from experienced server moderators what they need to keep their servers 'clean'. I don't think spamming the forum with just complaints without anything constructive does anything good for the game and community - much like griefing.
  3. Again you keep trying to get this onto a personal level, but it's a waste of energy. If you want to know one thing I am bitter about is the quality of this forum (and the Reddit subreddit) going down rapidly. If you read my post carefully, I am not denying there is a problem with it, but my point is that a) most of that work has to be done by the community and b) it will take a bit of time for the situation to improve as the community is pretty new. It is a beta version after all and the community will grow and get better as the game gets more content. Rumor says that locked boxes are already partly implemented into code and will come in future (disclaimer: it's just a rumor) and I am excited for it, but we need to be patient. Klei is actually a small business and they have very limited resources, which is the reason why people are concerned where they put those resources into.
  4. Be more specific. Which tools do you want from Klei and how would you improve the situation?
  5. First of all I didn't call you lazy and second of all I don't like you calling me selfish just based on my post. Let's just discuss this topic without getting on a personal level, please. You definitely have a point that casual players, that have no one to play with right from the get go will have more trouble dealing with griefers, because they are more likely to jump into a server without any moderators etc. With community effort I am not only talking about the individual effort we can put in, to get ourselves into a better server, but also building a community and making it friendly for newcomers. I think the best approach for Klei is to work on content instead of keep on bringing out patches that are aimed towards the griefing issue, that is my whole point and that's basically what OP said. Instead of hoping that Klei will bring out the ultimate fix (which is impossible in my opinion) we can contribute to making it better or just wait. I think many people are just way too impatient and don't understand that the community around this game is still building. Many die hard fans aren't even interested in DST because of the lack of content. If Klei stops focusing on the game content, the quality of the game will suffer and the community won't be as big as it could be. The game is still beta and so is the community.
  6. I started out with DST as a complete noob and my friends weren't really interested in the game. With a little bit of effort, I jumped into some streams and played/learned the game from there without having to deal with griefers. You could literally do the same with forums or even befriend people on public servers. It never came to my mind to jump into a server with all strangers and expect everyone to be nice to each other. I think the keyword here is effort and that's what many people are not willing to put in, which blows my mind because that's what the game is all about. There is only so much Klei can do and the rest is upon us. Now they even gave us a rollback feature, so there is absolutely no excuse now. Even if that is still not enough for you, be a bit patient. The community around the game is still building (it's just a beta after all) and I am sure that there will be more options available for everyone made by the community.
  7. The Devs should provide the tools (which Klei did) and the community has to put in the most work when it comes to banning/keeping griefers away. Many people just jump into a server full of strangers and expect everything to be perfect, which is outlandish. We can't beg Klei to fix problems like that. Rather ask for a specific tool/feature if really needed. People just don't understand that we, as a community, have to put in some effort to make this a good experience.