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  1. alrighty then give me a few more days been doing a lot namely, Minecraft modding, game making, fanfic writing/reading, figuring out Skyrim modding all that junk and probs other things I can't remember.


    so I'll try and start making don't starve mods as well as the other variants namely together and shipwrecked (haven't had a chance to look into shipwrecked)

  2. I'm newbie how I can't install this mod. This mod is doesn't work in my game 

    find the game in your steam library then navigate to the install location once there you should see files such as data, scripts there should be one called mods open the mods folder and drag the downloaded mod inside make sure it is not in a zip folder and when you go into the mod folder there is a modmain.lua


    hope this helped

  3. the ancient vampire stories, they are always stronger when they are older, and could have a system of levels, or for example, every 5/10 days, whatever, it gains 5 life, 5 of hunger, and 3 of sanity for example, or so, life +2, +1 sanity, +0.5 hunger, or source of extra points by percentage example: 3 days + 1% health, 1% hunger, 1% healthy the more, well that's my idea: D, because then it would make sense, after all, with each passing day, she gets older, by the way, May 9 I did 16 years: D

    i will add that in in the next update