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  1. My carefully orchestrated contaminated water basin is ruined. I wish I could figure out photoshop easily enough to draw some freaking boxes, but I'll just have to illustrate with words. In the picture below, you can see the contaminated water pocket that I dug into (top). Thanks to the residue on the horizontal surfaces, you can see how much was there to begin with. Clearly I had misjudged the pressure that volume of moving liquid would have on the sides of my artificial basin. The picture you see here was taken after I had made some feeble attempts at repairs, but at least you can see where the bottom of my designed basin was supposed to be. Well, that giant volume of liquid (the biggest reservoir I had found yet) managed to compress itself under its own weight and now fills the space of one square, which I have selected.
  2. The behavior for emptying bottled anything seems very inconsistent, but one thing I've found to consistently NOT work is trying to empty a bottle of anything that is sharing a space with other bottled things.
  3. It was marked as "fixed" in a different thread, but this just happened to me, as well.
  4. Got another one. This one entombed himself in an airlock. I think in this case, it was because of the undug block of coal.
  5. Same here. It doesn't seem like an output problem to me. They just go in, shower for one second, then leave to do some minor task like digging or delivery.
  6. I had everything in place for a delightful little Hatch nursery. Filled a storage compactor full of sandstone and emptied it, dug the earth around it so it could surface easily, confined the entire area so it's only accessible by ladder. Well, unfortunately, some tiles built for my dupes to move around in there, which led to a 2-vertical tile drop into a water basin. The hatch decided this was where it wanted to go, and took a dip. Then it moved to a point where it was two tiles deep in water, and I could only watch helplessly as it cried its heart out, drowning. There were 1-vertical-tile inclines leading out of the basin, but it didn't bother trying to climb out. Couldn't give two coals that it was about to die. In the attached jpeg, the hatch spawn point is marked by a ball of fertilizer in a puddle of water (upper level). It moved left to drop off the edge. [Edit: By the way, I'd like to mention that the Hatch are able to open doors?] T_T
  7. I have two duplicants who built a ladder upward into a sand bank. Once they got to the top, they stood idle for a while. They would do jobs assigned at their level at the top of the ladder, but other jobs with higher priority beneath them were ignored and they would not descend. The ladder was in contact with the ground.
  8. Hugh contracted diarrhea from a mush bar. I checked his status 0.3 cycles before he was scheduled to cure naturally. After he cured, he appeared not to be suffering diarrhea symptoms, but the green bubble animation was still there.
  9. By the way, I didn't dig into vacuum pocket where the hatch was nesting before setting a pneumatic door. It didn't give two coals about that door. Just walked right through it while everyone was sleeping. Reportable? Can it open an airlock? I might end up having to euthanize the dirtbag, but I suppose, for future reference, it would be possible to build a pen for it (airlock?), build a compactor bin in there, enable storage for sandstone only, then disable when full to deposit sandstone for feeding. Fast and easy coal factory! The only remaining question, I guess, is whether he should be able to eat the door or not. I'm pretty sure I would have seen it climb a ladder if it was able to do that. #Hatch22
  10. And here I was letting the little critter roam as he pleased, thinking it was all that a bag of (very valuable) 5|-|175. I was wondering what the catch was.
  11. In a rather creepy happenstance, my colony found itself missing two colonists when they didn't show in the mess hall (found tables and beds unassigned). Later, I saw that the number of colonists had decreased from 8 to 6. I've tried without avail to find the corpses, thinking their friends might need some closure. Turns out that the others didn't seem to remember them being there in the first place (no stress due to "death in colony," supposing that's a thing). In fact, the increased elbow room seemed to have lightened the overall mood, eerily. Deep fried mush bars at the tail end of preparation. Lice loaves on the floor where they had left them (so unhygienic)! After noticing the problem and saving/reloading the game, the whole thing crashed after about a minute. I submitted a crash report. I was going on my 23rd cycle. There was a 22-cycle save where I still had 8 colonists. It seems likely that the evaporating colonists had something to do with the game crash. I'm pretty certain they didn't disappear simultaneously, but the second followed the first in short order.
  12. Lavatory was working fine at first, then I built a shower. After that, the lavatory was going through a flushing animation repeatedly when the shower was in use. Finally, after restarting the game, the lavatory was detected as out-of-order (although the tooltip for the lavatory said it was "ready") and duplicants began peeing into the water reservoir. At times during this mayhem, there was a "no restrooms built" warning, but not always. Disabling and enabling the lavatory would make it usable again, but very briefly. Also, a related priority issue. After I fixed the lavatory piping (yes, fixing the piping removed the issue), duplicants were still doing multiple tasks and messing themselves before going to the bathroom. Have you considered queuing them up outside the bathroom doors when they need to go? Would be a good indicator for when a new lavatory is needed. Granted, waiting in a queue should probably be lower priority than, say, "holy ****, the base is decompressing" or something like that.
  13. Light radius blocked. See picture.
  14. Same here. I built a flingo before my twig patch withered the first time, and I don't remember harvesting them all. They're all withered now.
  15. To the best of my knowledge, that is how it happened in my game. I've only successfully harvested a whale this one time, though. It would make sense to me that it explodes on its own after an amount of time has elapsed.
  16. I'm kind of a fan of Sealnado, but this happened to me, also. Abigail's flower is gone. O_O Not that it doesn't make sense that Abigail's flower would be sucked up and maybe difficult to get back, but if there isn't some way to recover it, I would consider that nearly game-breaking. One thing I know for sure: Sealnado is difficult to fight in the dark. Really shouldn't have done that. (Not to mention, day segment was down to a quarter at this time.
  17. Sometimes, when chopping trees, they remain standing after I've chopped them down and gathered their materials. I saw this bug mentioned in another post, but it was kind of a confusing post and the "known issue" status applied may have been regarding the "wind causes sapling to grow on open ocean" issue. So to clarify, this issue I'm covering is that the tree appears to remain standing, even though it has already been harvested and remains unchoppable. You can see in the image that despite having the axe equipped, mousing over the tree allows me to "examine" rather than "chop." While I'm at it, I've also noticed vine bushes that I can only "examine" despite having the machete equipped. This only happens when the vine bush becomes a snake spawn point after I've hacked it. I don't know if vine bushes should be allowed to become snake spawn points after they've been hacked, but the fact that the bush looks normal despite being harvested caused me a lot of confusion before I realized what had happened. [EDIT]: My wife is playing DS:SW too. Not only did she have this same issue, but when she used a shovel to uproot, say, a grass plant that appeared harvestable but wasn't, the plant would disappear entirely. She was not able to recall if her issue was specific to hurricane season or not.
  18. Weird. Shortly after taking that second screenshot, I reloaded my game this morning where I was at the corpse, sailed away, and heard it explode. I never noticed the corpse in stage 3.
  19. First time corpse ripened after I had killed a blue whale. It took almost five days, but it's quite clearly ready to pop. The sound can be heard from a long way off. The "hack" interaction displayed when I moused over it. I thought the "right click to sail to" display was odd. As it so happens, left clicking causes Wendy to sail. She continues to sail merrily into the corpse. Right-clicking causes her to stop. I've tried equipping other objects and reequipping the machete. The next day, I crafted a new machete. (I had also tried quitting and restarting the game, etc.) There was no longer a "right click to sail to" HUD, but she continued to sail into the corpse. Right-clicking did not cause her to stop sailing this time. Also tried unequiping the sail, whereupon she rowed into the corpse instead. Anyway, this is my first time trying to harvest blue whale parts, so I don't know how this works normally and what might have interfered with it, but for one, it had died close to a population of bioluminescence. For another, a spawn point for stink rays is extremely close and has been giving me no end of trouble. I always let Abigail take care of them, either by sailing around in circles or clicking to attack one from far off and cancelling the attack.
  20. Unless the wiki is mistaken, the Tigershark is supposed to be passive unless you stray close to its den. And it is, with Wendy... but it will chase Abigail to the ends of the Earth. Not sure if this is necessary in the bug forum, but *spoiler alert*. In a hilarious happenstance (you know, taking things in stride), my first encounter with the Tigershark on land came with absolutely no warning when it leaped up on shore out of nowhere and started trashing my sandbags. I had encountered it at sea a half dozen times or so, which was quite frightening. Watching it prance ashore and lay waste to my base like a cat with a ball of yarn was a delightful spectacle. However, usually these boss encounters have a bit of forewarning. If I'm not mistaken about it's den location (does it appear as a sand hill with a shape somewhere between a pyramid and a fin in other seasons?), it was on the other side of the map and I hadn't even ventured close for days. Then it showed up again in another game, right when I needed Abigail to hunt some wereboars. That's when I confirmed that she wasn't hostile to Wendy, because after finishing off Abigail, the Tigershark just stood there. In that game, I hadn't even seen the den.
  21. Feeding the Doydoy while he's in my inventory, if I have a stack of anything, he eats everything I'm holding, as opposed to birds and butterflies which (if I recall correctly), only eat one seed, etc. Is this a feature? If I starve in this game, it'll be because the Doydoy ate all my seeds!
  22. Can't be a feature when they're withered while sitting in the leftover flood pools, right? I might consider it a fair trade as long as stuff doesn't spontaneously combust. At least, I haven't SEEN anything spontaneously combust in DS:SW yet. Knock on wood?
  23. The game crashed shortly after I found Packim Baggins. I noticed Hotfix 168028 "Fixed a crash that happened when packim became unpoisoned." However, in this instance, the fish bone was found in a swamp. He flew through a poison cloud when he arrived and the crash happened shortly after (it might have worn off, but I'm not sure). Clicking "Exit Game" caused the Don't Starve client to crash with a Windows dialog. Another thing I noticed in my games recently is that the spearguns (found by a raft) don't have a thumbnail when I pick them up. I tried to unload these on Packim a few seconds before the crash.
  24. I'd like to temporarily use the included japanese.po (found it in the data/scripts/languages directory) for a friend of mine. Searched all over the place for a way to apply the translation, and when I look at the OP, the area at the end of where I quoted is blank with regards to what I need to change in the .lua file. Programming type, I am not. Someone please help? Do I need to download POEdit for what I need to do, or can I just edit in notepad?