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  1. Hi, Here's A Tutorial of how to install this mouse cursors: 

    Well the first thing to do is: 

    1. Download the cursors. 30bc207240.jpg
    2. Open your Control Panel 0186f8d236.png
    3. Go to Mouse Properties b0abf53194.jpg
    4. Go to Pointers
    5.  af083ec2cf.jpg
    6. Select Diagram and choose None
    7. d0595d18ba.png
    8. Double Click on Normal Selection
    9. 4ef0ca05e4.jpg
    10. This Window will show up.
    11. Now go to the cursors folderbce6fb3a67.jpg
    12. And select Normal
    13. This will happen5a8e047e72.jpg
    14. We have to do it with all 849b4b7b4f.jpgf88cae13cb.jpg161b4d6b14.jpg
    15. And then save as you want
    16. a4f297be8b.jpg
    17. And There you go 6a6eab51ef.jpg
    18. You can enable cursor shadow if you want
    19. Apply & Save.

    Remember this:

    You have to have the cursors in a permanent folder (or wherever you want) because if you move it or delete it this will stop working.

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