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  1. I am referring to world jumps, DS/ROG/ and plan on adding this to the bug report.
  2. I do know it is normal for mild overheating in the first few days but it's been more then 5 and the new world generated this way. New worlds should only start in Spring or Autumn on default settings which is what I'm on and yes I agree that they may not address this with the new content they released, content that also needs attention. I'm months into this game though and have paid for ROG/SW and ROG is what I prefer. It is a part of the game and hopefully they address it. If not it's a waist of money and I personally don't think it should be played until fixed.
  3. I have jumped to a new world now on this specific saved game over 15 times on ROG PS4. On my last new world jump the game seems to have started me in Autumn yet the game is stuck on summer conditions. I have went over 5days on this new world and still over heat with Autumn colored tree's and no indications of summer other then the over heating. I have many hours of game play with all these world jumps. Needs Fix. What do I do?? Do not want to start over! Season problem's seemed to have started after entering or leaving cave in previous world.