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  1. Hi While I play DST I found bug with backpack skin and thermal stone. 1.Thermal stone icon is invisible in inventory if is hot (normal and cold is visible) but if I place it on ground I can see it. 2.Red backpack skin in armor slot is invisible when normal backpack is and same as thermal stone on ground is visible. I disable mods, uninstall mods, verify Don't starve files, reinstall Don't starve, trying on another save only with too many items for fast test. I sending a logs file but I found only: [00:00:56]: WARNING! Could not find region 'FROMNUM' from atlas 'FROMNUM'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [00:00:56]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas 'FROMNUM'. and [00:01:06]: Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager. [00:01:06]: Manager - ORPHANED UNKNOWN RESOURCES: It repair it self...