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  1. hey I'm interested in helping but I haven't done a whole lot of the art side for creating characters in don't starve yet. I've done some coding for porting characters over from original don't starve to don't starve together.I have a lot of experience creating art however I have a degree in fine arts majoring in game art. Let me know if I can help.
  2. they made a post on steam stating that if anyone wanted to try to update the mod to feel free.
  3. I have noticed an issue with my dedicated server where the mod will load and enable however Octodad won't be selectable in character select. However when I host the server thru the game it works just fine. I am looking into fixing this.
  4. I feel I need to fix the descriptions wording: original don't starve mod created by Mrmemoski, I have ported it over to DST.
  5. Version 1.1.6


    Updated octodad mod created by mrmemoski to work with DST. Enjoy
  6. Hey Guys, I working on creating a mod that will give admins on hosted/dedicated servers a few buttons that will run console commands or actions to effect elements in the game. This will allow the admins to be able to send commands with out having to type everything into the console. Since this is my first mod for don't starve I need some help to get the ball rolling. Would anyone be able to guide me or contribute? Thanks