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  1. ... I can see that, but that's not how water pipes work in reality. It's not an actual conveyor belt. For example, the heating in my house has several radiators and one heater. The pipes to the radiators have one input and many outputs, and the system back to the radiator has many inputs and one output. Works like a charm.
  2. Yes, I think you're right, it does look like a conveyor belt system. But since the devs have a pretty awesome gas flow physics system, I'm assuming this does kind of count as a bug
  3. I have a plumbing system for fresh and filthy water, with multiple things connected to both circuits (a lavatory, a shower, a water purifyer, an air scrubber). Additionally, the freshwater circuit has both a pump, switched on and submerged, and a vent. Though water should in principle always be flowing somewhere, it isn't. I've attached a screenshot showing the problem (water doesn't move), and a save file in which it is present. Hope this helps bug pipes clogged.sav